UAE tech startup, CorporateStack bags Top Ten Technology Companies Award


UAE tech startup, CorporateStack today announced that it has bagged the Top Ten Technology Companies Award for 2020 from CIOReview. The tech startup was honoured for its product innovation and simplicity and is featured among Top 10 tech companies from UAE.

The CIO Review award is proffered to companies that have been nominated by their peers and customers. These companies are then reviewed by a market research team and adjudged by an advisory panel. This panel consists of CIOs, CTOs and senior executives in the enterprise sector alongside the editorial board of the CIOReview team.

The companies are evaluated based on the products and services they offered, how they addressed the pain points of companies, what sets them apart from their competition, what strategies they follow, and even to assess case studies of client success stories. The company road map also offers the panel insight into the long-term approach and scalability of the company.

Osama Mortada, founder and CEO of CorporateStack, said “We are thrilled to be awarded this prestige. It is certainly a feather in our cap and public validation that we are indeed on the right path. We identified a sore point for companies in the region and have worked hard to address them using the skills we have – technology. It is a privilege to be recognized, and showcased by CIOReview, and would like to acknowledge this on behalf of the entire team at CorporateStack. This particular award was a special edition for the UAE where several companies were selected, and reviewed, with the top ten were announced by the CIOReview team.”

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