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My Startup World speaks to the team behind Skil App about the app, the company and their startup story

What is Skil all about?
Skil is a rapidly growing upstart aimed at democratizing professional mentor ship. It’s an On-Demand Uber-like service that helps you to instantly schedule mentoring sessions with seasoned professionals for mock interviews, specialty training, ongoing technical support and general career guidance. We developed the platform based out of personal experience.

What sort of problems does your platform solve?
The common challenges for new graduates entering work force, include:

  • Interviews, Pervasive fear factor while attending job interviews.
  • Career Guidance, need someone to walk through the nuances, hiccups and
    goals pertaining to a professional career.
  • Online Training, no single place to find the right training resource for live
    training sessions.
  • Technical Support, find some one who can assist in solving technical issues or who can provide inputs to solve complex challenges on demand.

We wanted to address all these problems by connecting users with professional mentors.

What sort of solutions does the app platform offer?
Our app offers a wide range of solutions to problems new graduates face in the job market. These inclue:

  • Mock Interviews: Simulate a real world interview session in a bid to understand what prospective employers would be looking for in a candidate.
  • Interview Prep Sessions: Discuss your background and job requirements with seasoned professionals, pick up industry insights and use cases and imbibe the technical jargon.
  • “Big Picture” Guidance: Seek help to identify near and long term professional goals and career paths and their associated benefits and risks.
  • Technical Support: Seek assistance during the initial phases of your career to figure out how complex challenges are handled by seasoned professionals.
  • Online Training: Obtain subject matter expertise via “hands on” training under the able guidance of professionals..

Who would be the ideal user of the Skil platform?
We are primarily targeting new graduates, professionals who are looking for a job change, professionals who are looking for technical help, professionals who are looking for training. The big plan is any user who have a question should be able to come to Skil and talk to a Mentor who can answer that question. Literally every person is a potential user of Skil as it’s quite common for any person to have a question.

How does your app stand out of the crowd? What is its USP?
Skil is an on-demand service which connects students, job seekers with real world professionals to get help on interviews, career guidance, online training and technical help. Skil is the first mobile platform that provides evidence-based personalized coaching by real professionals in relevant fields to boost your confidence in attending interviews or performing your daily job.

Who is involved in the day to day operations of the company?
Hari Dosapati is the Founder of the app. He comes onboard with over20 years of IT experience, specialising in Big Data, AI, Cloud, Web, and Mobile applications. Vamsi Krishna is the Co-Founder and he comes with 15 years of IT experience, specialising in SAP. DVN Satish is also the Co-Founder and comes onboard with 15 years of IT experience.

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