GoDaddy announce partnership with AFC to inspire designers and creators

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GoDaddy announced today its partnership with Arab Fashion Council (AFC) to empower and inspire designers, makers and all creatives in the UAE and MENA region to take their business online.

In time for Arab Fashion Week – Women’s, taking place from 24-28 October, 2021, and as part of a campaign titled ‘Cat Walk The Walk’, the new partnership with AFC aims to support rising fashion designers, creative entrepreneurs and small business owners from across the MENA region on becoming digital entrepreneurs and building an online presence using GoDaddy’s integrated suite of tools and solutions and expert guidance, and through the establishment of an online community.

Selina Bieber, General Manager, MENA, GoDaddy said, “We are excited to partner with the Arab Fashion Council on this unprecedented project where, together, we will support up-and-coming designers and makers with creative flair. We have seen exceptional promising talent rising in the MENA region and GoDaddy would like to support their potential every step of the way to help them create and grow their businesses online.”

As part of the collaborative partnership, GoDaddy will also support the Arab Fashion Council with a series of workshops to teach their network of creative entrepreneurs how to create their digital presence using GoDaddy products and tools.

GoDaddy will also offer eight capable creative entrepreneurs the necessary tools and products to help them establish strong online presence including a redesign of their existing website. GoDaddy will promote and feature their entrepreneurial journeys through docu-series and across GoDaddy social media channels.

GoDaddy’s partnership with Arab Fashion Council is the latest in a string of successful collaborations with local communities in the region. Recently, GoDaddy completed its successful partnership with Startups Without Borders, an entrepreneurship support and resource hub, where it trained over 500 entrepreneurs and small business owners across the Middle East, on how to start and grow their businesses online.

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