How to Build an SEO Strategy For Your Business

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Most people are well aware in today’s contemporary digital world that an SEO strategy has a critical role to play in making a business successful. Without being visible on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on, your business will remain oblivious to the rest of the world and to your target audience.

Sometimes, doing that gets a bit overwhelming for businesses and especially startups who already have a shoe-string marketing budget. Knowing the right strategies in SEO for the online presence of their business is essential.

Here are some steps that will allow you to build an online presence without breaking the bank:

Using Long Tail Keywords
Long tail keywords are essential for getting effective results in SEO. Since user intent is quite significant while building a SEO strategy, they need to be used instead of using only general keywords. Long tail keywords are basically more specific related to your products/services.

They also mean lower competition and are highly focused and more relevant to online searches. They help to generate more qualified traffic and generate leads and conversions during online searches. Your first step of going in the right direction as far as applying effective SEO strategy goes, is that you need to use long tail keywords for fulfilling the needs of customers when they are searching for terms associated with your brand.

Produce quality content using these long tail keywords. Gone are the days of stuffing generic keywords within your content and obtaining high rankings on Google. Deciding the right long tail keywords for your SEO campaigns can make or break your strategy.

Site Structure
Secondly, you need to ensure that the search engine crawlers are able to index and crawl your website and can easily find your content on the website. The website should be navigable and should have relevant internal links, besides having a fast website loading time as per the standards set by Google.

A good site structure also helps your site in showing various links in the search engine displayed results. Avoid structures which are entirely made in Flash. A search engine will never be able to crawl such a website properly. Commission a web services company to maintain a site structure which is user friendly for the visitors so that they can increase their website’s usability.

Also, from a SEO perspective a shallow website (requires not more than 2-3 clicks to reach any page) is much preferable compared to a deep website. Also having a SEO friendly URL structure of all your pages is highly preferable. Using a URL which is keyword rich and has a descriptive name instead of using generic urls is highly preferable.

Guest Posts
Writing high content guest posts as per the specific niche of the website is highly effective in increasing the rankings on Google. It has two advantages. Firstly, it increases your backlinks in an inexpensive way and secondly, it enables your audience to increase their knowledge.

Research your industry and your niche well so that you can find high authority websites within the niche that accept guest blogs. Secondly, produce amazing content customized as per all your relevant keywords. Providing a real value to your customers will fetch a larger audience, increase audience engagement and result in more conversions.

Also, reach out to blog editors for maintaining a long standing rapport and relationship with them. The search engines recognize this and will result in your website’s higher rankings. In fact Google has started rewarding websites with high popularity and the ones which have links with high authoritative websites in their respective domains.

Local SEO
Instead of competing nationally and globally, if you are a startup it is advisable to compete at local level. This will give you an advantage for obtaining lesser competition in the market which can work well for you within a stipulated budget and increase your ROI. Investing your time and attention for ranking high on major search engines for high competitive words in the global market will not yield desired results.

Any web services company offering its services for clients should ideally apply local SEO strategies for building an online presence in the local market. The three major local SEO strategies include getting online reviews for your services, creating Google myBusiness accounts. It is a directory that Google uses to exhibit local results of businesses based on the searches conducted by online audience.

You might also need to get involved with local networking events. If applied effectively, all of these can fetch you unbelievable results for ranking your website on Google.

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