Ninjoo ushers in a new approach to sports and fitness accessories retailing

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Recently launched digital, fitness lifestyle concept store Ninjoo, brings a new approach to sports and fitness accessories retailing. With a mix of content and commerce, a clean aesthetic, and a vibrant catalog of products, Ninjoo’s founders aim to inspire others to engage in a more active lifestyle. Taking pride in its catalog and with great attention to detail and style, this startup concept store offers unique, never-seen-before products that might not be found on the shelves of conventional retailers.

Behind Ninjoo is a team of fitness conscious and style-minded individuals inspired by innovation and design. The unique e-commerce platform was built to motivate customers to boost their active lifestyle whilst bringing game-changing products to the forefront. Founded in January 2021 by Aurore Nio, Dimitris Karakassis, and Saeed Al Naji, Ninjoo was created to bridge the gap between the ever-evolving athleisure wear and static fitness equipment. The founders noticed that over the years, athleisure continued to advance with new trends, but stylish fitness accessories remained largely off the shelves of traditional sports retailers. Ninjoo acts as a stage for high-tech, trendy or regular products with a twist, products that are built with sustainability at heart or are well explained essentials. Ninjoo’s goal is to make an active lifestyle something that every individual wants to achieve.

Premium, relevant, inspiring, and unapologetic, Ninjoo offers a variety of products that run on a scale of convenience to luxury, and caters to all popular fitness and wellness categories including sports, general fitness, yoga and meditation, nutrition, recovery, and beach and outdoor. The digital store features inspiring and newly emerging products within each category which are not typically found at traditional online retail platforms or sports shops.

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