SCCI highlights the government support for entrepreneurs and startups amid Covid-19


The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, SCCI, represented by the Small & Medium Enterprises Center (Tijarah 101) organized a virtual workshop for the Center affiliates and members, as well as a number of interested entrepreneurs.

The workshop, which was held in cooperation with the Sharjah Foundation to support pioneering Entrepreneurs (RUWAD), aims to shed light on the services and facilities provided by Ruwad to support entrepreneurs and startups.

Moderated by Haitham Al-Sharqawi, Head of Project Study and Analysis, Ruwad, the event was attended by Mona Omran Ali, Director of Tijarah 101 Center, and Fatima Al Ali, Director of Project Support and Finance, Ruwad.

The workshop highlighted the support and services programs offered by Ruwad to its members, including the government procurement program, in addition to the role of business incubators in supporting SMEs and the mechanism for supporting entrepreneurship through providing financial and technical support, preparing the appropriate environment for establishing these projects, and creating a stimulating climate for investment in SMEs for citizens driven by the spirit of innovation and leadership.

Mona Omran pointed to the significance of the workshop in guiding entrepreneurs to get acquainted with the proper mechanisms for confronting Covid-19 repercussions and to learn more about specialized government support agencies.

Omran underscored that the SCCI remains committed to supporting entrepreneurs by adopting and sponsoring innovative and renewed programs that meet the aspirations of those interested in running projects of regional and international commercial brands, in addition to tackling the challenges they face by arming with the necessary knowledge and skills that guarantee the sustainability of their projects.

Appreciating the substantial role played by Ruwad in motivating creativity among the UAE youth and providing all the services and opportunities for entrepreneurs, Tijarah 101 Director stressed that the Center is keen on providing training courses and workshops that help entrepreneurs cope with the changes to the economic arena.

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