Serial Entrepreneur Calls for UAE to be the Silicon Valley of the MENA Region

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A record total of 10,000 attendees from around the globe has attended the two-day web summit in Ireland the world’s largest summit of innovation and technology, which has witnessed some of the world’s leading company founders, investors, start-ups and industry-leading firms come together at more than 60 events organized across the city.

Keynote addresses at the Dublin Web Summit from some of the world’s leading technology experts and innovators include;  Elon Musk founder of SpaceX, PayPal and Tesla electric cars, Aaron Levie, Co-founder and CEO Box; Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest; Jay Bregman, founder & CEO of Hailo; Phil Libin, founder  & CEO of Evernote; and Vice Media CEO, Shane Smith. 350 speakers will deliver talks from 6 main stages in the RDS and in workshops during the Summit.

The UAE based serial entrepreneur Mohammed Johmani, the founder of Johmani Ventures, presented another remarkable keynote presentation, his keynote focused on the opportunity that UAE offers to entrepreneurs and start-ups from all over the world. Johamni said: “the world need more than one Silicon Valley, and Ireland has been positioned the Silicon Valley of Europe and Dubai will be the Silicon Valley of the MENA region, Dubai offers the world the ideal platform to launch and foster entrepreneurial ideas and grow globally”

Johmani explained how he has started his career in Dubai at the age of 18 utilizing the perfect environment offered by Dubai to launch 6 companies under what is now branded as Johmani Ventures, the UAE first personally funded venture capital for entrepreneurial ideas., giving credit to Dubai for his success stories.

During the summit Johmani also launched Mobibus the world’s first multilingual mobile app maker, Johamni added: “Until now, companies and individuals had to spend time and money to create a mobile app to market their businesses and interests,” added Johmani. “The Mobibus ‘Do-It-Yourself’ app maker is particularly suited to SMEs, entrepreneurs and marketers who have no experience with application programming, yet are looking for a quick, easy and cost-effective way to mobilize a business or campaign without having to compromise on design or functionality. The user interface and user experience is solid and will ensure a positive user experience.”

Johmani also gave some unique insight into the perspective of entrepreneurs, based on his own personal experience: “I personally feel the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs, mostly with regard to establishing and launching their projects, and especially with regard to finance. Until now, companies and individuals had to spend time and money to create a mobile app to market their businesses and interests. The Mobibus Do-It-Yourself app maker is particularly suited to SMEs, entrepreneurs and marketers who have no experience with application programming.”

He added: “Mobibus has received a warm reception from attendees of the Web Summit 2013. Many investors showed interest and initial willingness to adopt the project, given the fact that it is an innovative one that contribute significantly to the general global trend of a more mobile world.”

He noted that the Web Summit is a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and co-operate in support of new enterprises. The summit was attended by delegations from 90 countries and is Europe’s largest festival of ideas and events, during which history was made as the NASDAQ announced its opening for the first time ever in Ireland.

Johmani stressed that the conference was a great opportunity for participants from entrepreneurs and business leaders to present their innovative ideas and projects in front of senior investors. Such individuals encourage innovation and creativity and are quick to adopt unique projects without hesitation; as soon as such investors are convinced with the viability of ​​any project, they rush to support and back it in order to make it a reality. There is no longer any waiting for feasibility studies, or other laborious documents that are no longer commensurate with the technology revolution taking place in the contemporary world, where progress moves forth at amazing speeds.

He called on investors and venture capitalists in the region in general, and in the Arab World in particular, to provide financial support for SMEs, along with innovative ideas and creative projects. He also made a call to arms for investors to contribute positively to the development of these projects, as is the case in Europe and the United States. SMEs represent a large proportion of the business sector in the MENA region, and comprise between 80-90% of the total business conducted in most countries.

Regarding his participation in the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland, Mohammed Johmani stated: “This was made possible via an online poll on the summit’s website. Entrepreneurs who received the highest number of votes were selected to speak at the conference and present their ideas and projects. I was fortunate enough to be the only Arab speaker selected to appear at the conference, and this was due to the support and opportunities that the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, offer all of its residents towards innovation, creativity and excellence.”

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