SFM Corporate Services launches “SFM MY Company” app

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SFM Corporate Services has launched a secure, feature-rich and user-friendly mobile companion app “SFM MY Company” for customers of its company registration services. It enables investors who have registered a new company through SFM to quickly and easily view a wide range of information related to their business.

SFM is a company formation specialist, enabling investors and entrepreneurs to establish a company online in a matter of minutes in any of around 25 different jurisdictions. The company additionally offers stellar stress-free support through their highly experienced agents. Once their business is registered, owners can now use the new app to quickly access essential information such as company structures, certificates of incorporation and share certificates.

Information is presented in easy-to-read formats and can be downloaded at the click of a button. A complete history of paid and outstanding invoices can also be accessed and pending payments can be made through the app.

“SFM Corporate Services enables investors to form a company entirely online, in a wide choice of jurisdictions, at a reasonable cost and in just a few simple steps,” said Reza Afshar, CEO of SFM Corporate Services. “Once they have established their corporate entity, our new companion app enables business owners to access all the vital information they need about their company in just a few clicks. This is an enormously valuable service that represents one more aspect of the total company incorporation solution that we provide to entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners.”

The companion app has been developed to offer the same user experience on both Android and iOS, while following security best practices used by the banking industry. The solution was built with Microsoft technologies and uses end-to-end encryption and a system architecture that helps to maintain high levels of security and prevent unauthorised data access. Uses can enable multi-factor authentication using SMS or Microsoft Authenticator to further reinforce security and prevent unauthorised access.

In addition to company registration, clients can access a wide range of services from SFM, including nominee director services, shareholder services, virtual offices, company seal, and notarisation and apostille of documents.

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