ViaBTC mining Pool partners with AntSentry to make mining easier


ViaBTC mining Pool has reached a strategic cooperation with AntSentry, a subsidiary of Bitmain, the world’s largest ASIC mining machine manufacturer.

The two companies will have in-depth cooperation in fields such as technology, operation and maintenance, marketing, and customer service, and join hands to provide high-quality services for worldwide miners and mining farms to make mining easier.

“ViaBTC is committed to providing users with the best products and services. As a close partner of Bitmain, we have kept close track of AntSentry’s growth. It has fulfilled our long-existing aspiration of providing mature and stable mining machines for the majority of miners,” said Eddie Jiang, Partner and COO of ViaBTC.

AntSentry is equipped with 12 major features covering hashrate, security, operation maintenance and data. Ten common faults, such as zero hashrate, low hashrate, abnormal fan speed, offline mining machines, can all be solved with one-click troubleshooting through the AntSentry system. This greatly improves the working efficiency. For example, if it took one hour to complete the inspection of mining machines in the past, now it only takes two minutes with this system.

“Comprehensive monitoring and operation capability for super-large mining farms and cloud-based mobile remote management capability are two core strengths for AntSentry,” said Liang Baoqing, Head of AntSentry. “As the mining industry grows to be increasingly mature, AntSentry is confident to help partners in the industry achieve business upgrades and maximize benefits.”

As one of the leading mining pools in the world, innovation has always been the core concept of ViaBTC. Every ViaBTC mining pool account has a built-in wallet module, which has four main functions: income storage, asset top-up, free withdrawal and transaction acceleration. ViaBTC is also the world’s first mining pool that supports the Hourly Auto Conversion between mined coins and USDT.

This exciting cooperation is expected to bring more benefits to the majority of miners and guarantee the faster and better development of the entire industry.

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