Ways to Attract Repeat Customers

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Business owners spend so much of their time nowadays attempting to reach new customers that they forget about their easiest and most valuable source of revenue: repeat customers.

New customers will always increase revenue and brand awareness for the company, but attracting a new audience can cost up to ten times as much as committing existing customers. Not to mention, repeat clients tend to spend a whole lot more on your services and products than new ones.

For the business owner, it’s very important to know how to build a customer base that will come back for more. So what is your business doing to convince customers to come back for a second visit?

Here are sure shot ways to gain repeat customers:

Build an email list
One of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers on a more personal level is through email lists. With an email list you can keep customers updated on company news, send thank you notes, or offer exclusive information about upcoming special promotions or events.

Email is a fantastic marketing medium for attracting repeat business, not only because it allows you to share promotional information, but because it lets you develop a more personal relationship with your customers. Whenever new customers give you their email, it’s a way of showing you that they trust you and your brand, and wish to further their business relationship.

Have exclusive customer promotions and rewards
A great way to attract repeat business is to offer exclusive discounts and rewards to your most valued customers. Your best customers are the ones that have been most profitable and are loyal to your brand. By offering exclusivity, you show that you value and reward customer loyalty, therefore encouraging customers to keep coming back. These offers could be higher discount rates, faster customer service, or early access to new product releases.

The idea is to offer an incentive that sets your best customers apart from the rest of the crowd and really shows them your appreciation for their business. Many companies accomplish this by creating membership and reward programs that help customers feel valued for their business.

Offer discounts
Another way to help attract repeat customers is to offer regular discounts. This could be adding a coupon with each order or sending customers an email with monthly specials. A discount gives customers a valuable reason to do business with you again. It also hands them something with your logo for brand awareness. This gives customers something they can use that keeps their experience with your company fresh in their minds. Just make sure that the discount or coupon is creative enough that it will stand out from all the other generic offers. You have to give your customers a reason to use the discount.

Create a positive customer service experience
One of the most important ways to secure repeat customers is with great customer service. People primarily choose where they buy products based on quality and prices, but they will also repeat business based on previous shopping experiences.

If you want your customers to keep coming back, then you’ll have to pay attention to the shopping experience you’re giving them. Make sure you have a friendly attitude, show gratitude for each purchase, address all concerns quickly and effectively, and provide a purchasing environment that is easy to work with.

Don’t ignore your competition
Even the best customer service experience in the world means nothing to customers if a company chooses not to stay competitive. Always stay up-to-date on your competitor’s prices, services, discounts, and marketing promotions. Make sure that your company’s products and services are always the best value to customers. If you can’t lower your prices as much as your competitors, then make sure your customers understand how you’re worth the extra money.

Staying on top of your competition means that you’ll be consistently offering the best value to your customers in the marketplace. The better your value, the more likely it will be that they’ll do business with you in the future.

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