Western Union Calls for Entries on the Women Icons Facebook Page

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Western Union, a leading provider of global remittances services, has announced its Women Icons campaign. The campaign seeks to recognize working women who, while  contributing towards the economy in the UAE, are also supporting their families and economies back in their home countries. These ladies, or anyone who knows of women who make a difference in their communities and families, are invited to share their stories on the Women Icons Facebook page, by April 15, 2014.

The stories submitted on the Facebook page of Western Union Women Icons will be judged by the fans of the page, which means that the story with maximum votes will be the winner. The participants can submit their story and ask the followers to vote for them.

The main selection criteria for winning stories are; the number of people a woman supports single-handedly, the reasons for which this support is being given and the long-term sustainable benefit that her contribution is making, for example the support she is providing  that enables education, vocational training or opening a business by her family or community members.

Western Union will reward the winners with opportunities to further improve their standard of living by providing educational and training courses. Courses being offered to winners include; training in computer skills, developing language skills, teacher training courses and classes tailor made to help these women in their professional roles. The top 3 winners can choose from a range of private classes and the next 15 winners will be offered group classes. Apart from that, there will also be 5 awards for maximum engagement on the Facebook page.

“We have recognized the growing level of financial contribution women now make to their households. Our research shows that women migrant workers are reliable remitters of money back home. Beyond their immediate family they tend to support a network of siblings and extended family. They allocate a significant proportion of their remittance towards paying for education or building human capital. This in turn facilitates the economic development of the communities and countries that they come from” said Sobia Rahman, Vice President,  Business Planning & Strategy at Western Union FSI. “With the Women Icons campaign we would like to highlight their contribution and reward the winners with life skills training that will further empower them,” said Rahman.


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