B2B micro-mobility tech startup, Terra secures pre-seed funding

B2B micro-mobility tech startup, Terra secures pre-seed funding

B2B micro-mobility tech startup, TERRA TECH Ltd. has successfully secured the pre-seed investment funding from a global network of Saudi, American, and British angel investors that share the same vision enabling the firm to progress forward.  

Established in 2021 as Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) company by serial entrepreneur Husam Zammar, Terra is the groundbreaking project that he has worked towards his entire career to date. Alongside Zammar, a top-notch team with experience across global and regional tech titans such as Google and Careem is diligently developing Terra’s software. 

Terra will introduce its fleet of electric motorbikes with a swap and drive operations model for the region’s growing business landscape, whilst considering environmental impact.

Having developed an energy-efficient motorbike combined with a first-of-its-kind swap and drive subscription model in the region, Terra is piloting in the UAE, engaging with leading private enterprises contributing to the country’s thriving economy.   

Combined with corporate bike rentals, Terra’s Smart Swapping Stations will be set up across the country allowing drivers to book and switch bike batteries through the platform’s mobile application. 

The solution enables companies to diligently decrease their carbon footprint with reduced carbon dioxide (C02) emissions. At the same time, time efficiency, cost/overhead reduction, driver tracking, and limitless range improve operational efficiency. 

‘With a business mission centered around revolutionising the standard transportation system towards sustainable and innovative mobility, Terra’s electric motorbike fleet is a solution to the rising use of its petrol-fueled counterpart enabling progress and changing one motorbike at a time,’ Hussam Zammar, CEO & Founder of Terra. 

‘To compensate for one tonne of C02, approximately 40 trees are needed to reduce the carbon footprint. One petrol powered delivery motorbike emits around 10 tonnes of C02 per year, meaning we would need 400 trees per bike. The UAE has upward of 60,000 petrol powered bikes commuting each day, can you imagine the size of forest required and the amount of water that would be needed to even make a dent in offsetting this?’ Continued Zammar. 

The electric motorbike fleets are just the start. Terra has plans to build an electric ecosystem that will connect communities and empower electric mobility across the UAE. Further expansion across the Middle East and onwards globally is part of its growth strategy.

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