Coinmarketpedia officially launched in the UAE

Coinmarketpedia officially launched in the UAE

Coinmarketpedia, a unique and ingenious digital platform has officially launched in the UAE and is set to further equip crypto and blockchain enthusiasts and investors with trading and cryptocurrency knowledge. The informative platform is the first of its kind; a dedicated hub where, at the click of a button, users will have access to approved educational content, on-demand courses, and one-on-one live classes, with three additional phases to follow.

The platform was designed with the mission of connecting traders globally and securely to exchange and share knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain. After extensive research and combined expertise, the CEO, Shameer Thaha, professional finance and blockchain expert joined forces with a team of industry professionals and top international traders to develop a concept to unify cryptocurrency and blockchain usage under one platform. Coinmarketpedia brings immense value to the digital trading sector. With mounts of misleading information, paired with unregulated trading education, this platform is set to influence and enhance the trading experience, which is vital to one’s digital success.

The platform will roll out in three phases, with early Alpha launching in Feb of 2022. Coinmarketpedia offers users access to a library of purchasable courses hosted by expert instructors, providing high-quality educational content on-demand, and live one-on-one courses, further detailing crypto and blockchain. Coinmarketpedia embodies the vision of the team; to remove restrictive barriers of knowledge to create fair economic opportunities for all.

The initial stage of the platform’s launch phase will be exclusively available to users on an ‘invite-only basis’, with the aim of attracting top instructors, offering tailored courses to ensure users can achieve the optimum investment results or critical knowledge to secure a promising future. Further access to the public will follow from mid April 2022, whereby all users will have full access to the hub’s content.

The platform aims to extend their offering and branch out to host several additional features to go live throughout this year, including a blockchain based certificate verification that will bring trust and credibility to the certifications that students gain.

Shameer Thaha, Chief Futurist of Coinmarketpedia comments, “We believe that Dubai is a hub for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and passionate individuals in search of investment opportunities. Seeing as Dubai is an advanced, and fast-paced region, we felt it was only fitting to provide a streamlined hub in response to the escalating use of crypto and investment in the Middle East. We trust traders and block-chain professionals will further upskill themselves via the hub, and leverage their newfound knowledge to guide their strategic decisions.”

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