Expert panel discussion titled ‘UAE: The Growth of a Global Business Hub’ set to take place in Dubai

Expert panel discussion titled ‘UAE: The Growth of a Global Business Hub’ set to take place in Dubai

GoDaddy today announced that Selina Bieber, General Manager, Middle East & Africa GoDaddy, will participate on an expert panel discussion titled ‘UAE: The Growth of a Global Business Hub’. Hosted by The Work Crowd, Beiber will participate on the panel with leaders from Dubai Tourism, Dubai International Financial Center and The Work Crowd.

Taking place virtually on 22nd June, 2021, the panel will explore the strong resilience the UAE has demonstrated during the COVID-19 global pandemic and will examine topics such as the government’s agile response which has laid the basis to increasing foreign direct investment and attracting talent. Additional topic include: new pro-business regulations, the region’s commitment to digitalization, the growth of e-commerce, and attracting entrepreneurs, companies and freelancers to the region.

Alice Weightman, CEO, The Work Crowd said “Over the past few years, we have seen the UAE follow the global trend in the rise in the use of freelancers, which has accelerated since Covid. People are now choosing to freelance as a career choice and entrepreneurs are looking to build more agile workforces with new skill sets that can help them scale across the region. At The Work Crowd, we unite the professional freelance community, matching them to project work and helping businesses to flourish in the region. Since launching in the region have had over 30% month on month growth.”

Furthermore, the pandemic has created an opportunity among companies to augment the use of freelancers to increase workforce flexibility and manage costs.

Selina Bieber, General Manager, Middle East & Africa, GoDaddy said, “Since the onset of the pandemic, the UAE has seen a surge among entrepreneurs going digital to maintain and grow their small businesses. For example, GoDaddy research shows that 36% of UAE entrepreneurs surveyed said they increased their digital marketing activities to help attract and retain more customers. At GoDaddy, we support those small businesses and entrepreneurs on their digitalization journey and thus contributing to a more digitalized UAE.”

The panel will be moderated by Felice Hurst, Managing Director, MENA, Hanson Search, the panel is open for large enterprises and small businesses alike, as well as startup owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The UAE has demonstrated strong resilience with the COVID-19 outbreak and fostered its stance as a leading hub for investors, businesses and individuals. It deployed significant measures to ease the economics effects of the global pandemic and boost its economy’s recovery.

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