GoDaddy shares Eid-Al-Adha ultimate guide for creating marketing campaigns

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GoDaddy celebrates Eid Al-Adha with its ultimate guide for creating marketing campaigns that can help small businesses maximize and increase growth for their business during the festive season.

Selina Bieber, GoDaddy Commercial Strategy Senior Director, International Markets said: “GoDaddy is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners by offering an integrated suite of online products and services and by educating them on how to direct their digital marketing efforts to help capitalize business growth during Eid Al-Adha.” “Eid Al-Adha is one of the major holidays of the year, and recently, it has inspired consumers’ purchasing power across various industries.”

Here is GoDaddy’s guide for small business owners to further accelerate their businesses during Eid Al-Adha:

Send out holiday greetings and promotions:

Traditions play an important role for Middle Eastern and North African consumers especially when celebrating a religious holiday; where they are keen on greeting their family and friends for the Eid. Small business owners can share greetings with their customers by sending out an email or social media message wishing their customers a blessed and happy Eid.

They can include a link to their website in the message so that consumers can easily access their businesses’ products and services as they shop for the season. The business link can also point consumers to special offers and promotions that the businesses are having during Eid. Promotions and offers can include special gift baskets to Eid-themed decorations or by offering unique and relevant products and services, in order to attract new customers and help the business grow.

Create an Eid-specific discount coupon:

According to Big Commerce, businesses are increasing their distribution of digital coupons to meet the demand of consumers’ shopping online especially via their mobile devices.

Small business owners can use GoDaddy’s e-store, to help them create discount coupons and distribute them to their target audience right before the festive holiday. This can help create traffic on the businesses’ websites as nowadays consumers depend more time on online shopping.

Use social media to promote your products:

In the UAE, Facebook and Instagram are the top platforms for small businesses to market their products and services, attract new customers and offer discounts and promotions to their target audience. 90% of small businesses use Facebook and 73% use Instagram for these purposes.

Thus, business owners can create Eid-specific engaging content that showcases their products and services, interact and engage with their existing and potential customers, all to help increase their visibility and audience reach.

Incentivize visitors to subscribe to newsletters:

By offering exclusive discounts and promotions, small business owners can encourage website visitors to subscribe to their newsletters; which help to increase their brand awareness, improve customer loyalty, and scale their businesses all year long not only during holidays.

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