How to boost the growth of small business during the holiday season

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Selina Bieber, Commercial Strategy Senior Director, International Markets for GoDaddy shares tips and ways to help small business owners achieve growth for their online businesses during the busy holiday season.

As 2022 draws to a close, small business owners have the opportunity grow and expand their online businesses by taking advantage of the holiday season approaching as consumers turn their focus to shopping more than usual. A way that entrepreneurs can get more from the upcoming season is by following optimum practices, like participating in e-commerce.

With the help of GoDaddy’s products, services and Online Store Builder tool combined with GoDaddy’s blogposts ( that share knowledge, a small business owner can get guidance to better target their intended audience. GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing integrated tools suite can also help entrepreneurs and small business owners expand their online businesses and achieve business growth. Moreover, GoDaddy provides responsive 24/7 Customer and Technical Support through well-trained experts, whether to assist with resetting a password or building complete web presence.

Here are some of GoDaddy’s tips to help a small business grow during the last shopping season of the year:

Create a visually compelling online store experience
It’s important to provide great-looking visuals, make the buying experience as easy and accessible as possible, as well as provide consumers with the right information to help them make their purchase decision. For example, you can include a variety of product-only images and in-context shots that show products in use on your online store. You can also capture your brand’s essence and style using GoDaddy’s Studio ready-to-edit templates that help create eye-catching visual content to attract more people to your brand.

Capture more customers
Once customers have found a product they’re interested in, creating small gestures like adding a small gift, product sample or upping your packaging game is another valuable tactic influencing purchasing decisions, as consumers are more inclined to purchase products with appealing packaging to gift to their loved ones. Additionally, you can offer them discounts, free shipping or delivery, and/or free returns. Discounts and free shipping can be effective ways to encourage your online store’s visitors to make larger purchases and increase the competitiveness of your website.

Share the holiday season with customers
Building a memorable holiday communications campaign for the intended audience can help to yield results, especially when prepped early enough to pique interest and build excitement. Leveraging social media platforms is an effective way to direct customers’ attention to upcoming deals, while developing specialized content that goes with the holiday season. Connecting social media profiles to a business website’s product page can help grow the audience. Additionally, displaying social media buttons can help manage everything from one central location and ensure that social media platforms’ holiday content is consistent. 

Furthermore, no matter the sector, developing an email marketing campaign via GoDaddy’s E-mail Marketing tool is a powerful promotional medium that can help generate results and get customers thinking about the brand’s upcoming deals. Harnessing the power of holiday email marketing can help increase brand awareness and boost business growth.

Learn how to keep customers’ loyalty beyond the holiday season
There are a few more things one can do to retain holiday season customers and bring them back. For starters, enhancing the post-purchase experience helps drive retention and offer the business increased growth. Another valuable tip is to maintain customer service by staying attentive to questions or reviews as potential customers may be doing research and looking for clarification before making a purchase – this can be a substantial advantage throughout the purchasing journey for the holiday and any season.

The year is wrapping up quickly and with all of this hard work and preparation, a small business can feel good about their efforts to boost their growth for and beyond the holiday season. GoDaddy is delighted to support entrepreneurs by providing easy-to-use tools and guidance for every stage of their digital journey.

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