How to increase sales during Ramadan

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GoDaddy shared its guide to help entrepreneurs and business owners create successful viral ads during Ramadan. The 4-pillar guide provides support to business owners to effectively market their offerings during the holy month of Ramadan to help grow their business.

In this context, Selina Bieber, GoDaddy Commercial Strategy Senior Director, International Markets, said: “The advertising industry experiences its peak during the holy month, which gives business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to market their services and products to gain recognition and achieve their sales goals. Ramadan is the perfect time to invest and create ads for your business because an increased number of people spend time watching Ramadan-themed TV shows. In addition, app installs increase incredibly during that time where you can also place your ads.”

Here are four tips to grow their business during the holy month:

1. Promote Ramadan Values:
Ramadan’s core values should be highlighted during all ads to fully engage prospective customers and grab their attention. These values include devotion, being charitable, compassion, patience, humility and perseverance. During Ramadan, family gatherings are hot topics for ads, since consumer behavior changes. 53% of conversations on Facebook are family-focused conversations, so business owners have to keep their tone of voice appropriate for all ages.

Many brands have managed to embrace those values and hit the right spot with their Ramadan campaign, through which they were able to leave a strong impression among consumers.

2. Find a Fresh Angle
The main challenge in any Ramadan campaign is being special, addressing the age-old values and Ramadan stories from a fresh new angle. To do this, businesses need to understand their target audience, their needs, interests, and pain points during the holy month.  It is necessary to research the market trends, competitors’ campaigns, and best practices in the industry. Through this, businesses can really own their narrative and find a unique selling proposition that differentiates their brands from others and appeals to their audience’s emotions and values.

For example, startups should utilize storytelling techniques to create engaging content that showcases how their product or service can help customers solve their problems or achieve their goals during Ramadan. It’s also recommended to use humor, creativity, or social causes to capture their attention and make them remember your brand.

3. Storytelling is the Key
The art of storytelling to connect with the target audience is increasingly popular, not only for Ramadan–related campaigns. According to One Spot, 92% of consumers want brands to make ads feel like a story which makes Ramadan the perfect time to utilize storytelling in marketing campaigns. During the holy month, businesses can focus their storytelling campaigns on either bring life to a product or service, highlighting the brand’s values & mission, or featuring offers & discounts.

4. Form a Connection with your Brand
A successful Ramadan ad should be able to connect with the target audience using meaningful relatable, and concise messages. These messages will help the brand build a rapport with their customers and associate with their emotions. This also positions the brand as the one that listens and cares about them and their needs. Target audiences engage most with ads that make them feel connected with the brand, which is why relevant ads are one of the key marketing practices during Ramadan.

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