Investopia partners with Business Finland to explore investment opportunities in Africa


The global investment platform, Investopia, has revealed a partnership with “Business Finland”, the government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion, in order to explore investment opportunities in Africa.

The partnership between Investopia platform and a leading economic organization from Finland aims to explore new economic prospects across various regions worldwide, with particular emphasis on Africa. Investopia 2023 Conference witnessed a notable and influential presence of Finnish enterprises and organizations through their active participation in the conference’s sessions and discussions, in addition to a roundtable event, attended by global business leaders.

In this occasion, Timo Metsä-Tokila, the Executive Director and CFO of Business Finland stated “The increasing need for sustainable solutions generates new and rapidly growing market opportunities. Globally, Finland is becoming one of the most sought-after partners in future shaping solutions. Business Finland facilitates sustainability-driven, large-scale projects answering to societal and market needs. The projects simultaneously induce innovations, support the realization of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and create end-customer value. Value is created in synergy between large companies, small innovative companies, and research organizations – something that relates well to what Investopia is promoting.  ”

Timo Metsä-Tokila, added “Such approach, with strong focus on sustainability, and value-add creating capabilities provides benefits to the investors and positive impact on the societies and environment.”

Victoria Ivanova, Senior Advisor of Business Finland, commented “We are very excited to be part of Investopia – the platform that has big potential to deliver truly global impact. Already within this edition we are bringing together world class Finnish technologies; commercial, innovative and SDG driven projects from Africa and global investment community.”

In light of this partnership, Business Finland organized a roundtable, which was attended by global business leaders, and discussed the African investment opportunities that utilize Finnish transformative technologies and innovative solutions to boost African economies ridden with high unemployment, digital divide and decreasing productivity. The roundtable shed light on two unique African growth opportunities, including Isizwe, which is building commercially viable, fast and affordable broadband connectivity to densely populated urban growth areas. The second opportunity is Prieska copper-zinc mining project, which is developing a smart and sustainable mine with the reopening of a mothballed copper-zinc mine and utilizing various Finnish value-adding offerings and latest technologies, in order to create the very first carbon-neutral mining operation.

Within the framework of the cooperation between Investopia and Business Finland, the Finnish company IQM Quantum Computers, represented by its CEO and co-founder Jan Goetz, participated in a session during the conference entitled “Quantum Leap: Transforming Industry Through Quantum Computing & AI”. In the context of the new economic formations resulting from the tremendous technical developments, investment in quantum computing tends to be the new economy during the next two years. Jan Goetz spoke about the role of quantum computing in various sectors, saying: ” Quantum allows you to solve problems exponentially faster. For example, if you want to simulate a molecule and you use a normal computer, it takes millions of years, but with quantum, it will solve this problem in days or minutes, and this problem is found in all industries, such as supply chain.”

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