Mutanex Genomics seeks $1.3 million to revolutionize healthcare

Mutanex Genomics seeks $1.3 million to revolutionize healthcare

Saiful Khan, founder & CEO of Mutanex Genomics, highlights their recognition at Eureka! GCC as a validation of their innovative approach in precision medicine, emphasizing rapid, affordable, AI-driven genomics solutions to revolutionize healthcare.

Congratulations on being a top finalist at Eureka! GCC. How significant is this recognition for Mutanex Genomics?
I believe that this recognition is a huge milestone for Mutanex. It validates our hard work and innovative approach towards the future of precision medicine, and it’s a testament to the impact our genomics solutions can have on healthcare.

What do you believe were the key factors that helped Mutanex Genomics stand out in the competition?
I think Mutanex stands out for its significant impact on healthcare. Our advanced AI/ML algorithms and commitment to enhancing patient care through robust data analytics aim for a future where patients receive the best, most affordable, and rapid treatment, minimizing extensive testing and side effects.

It’s like looking at a future where no one ever has to go through any kind of expansive and numerous testing or side effects during the treatment.

Can you share the origin story of Mutanex Genomics and what inspired you to venture into the genomics and healthcare sector?
Mutanex began as a drug-gene interaction database to aid precision medicine. Inspired by my own kidney transplant and losing five family members to kidney failure due to inaccurate treatments, I dedicated myself to this field. My education as a Doctor of Pharmacy and certifications in precision medicine and genetic data science also helped to transform the database into a product that predicts the most accurate treatments, revolutionizing patient care in genomics and healthcare.

What were some of the most challenging moments in your startup journey, and how did you navigate through them?
There are a lot of challenges we faced during our journey, I must say. It’s not as easy as it seems especially in health-tech innovations where you are dealing with actually the lives of people. You can’t go wrong. Not even a single time. Developing the database and algorithms was tough, but the biggest challenge was market execution. Building confidence and networks with healthcare providers and patients required immense effort. Overcoming these obstacles demanded dedication and collaboration to ensure we never compromised on patient safety.

How did you fund your venture and what are your current funding requirements?
Mutanex is a fully bootstrapped company, funded entirely from our own pockets, with startup support we received from AWS and Google of about 10k Dollars/year. Currently, we are looking to raise $1.3 million to support the launch of our predictive models and sustain our yearly run rate.

How do you intend to raise funds and how do you plan to utilize them?
We plan to raise funds through various government provided grants, venture capital, angel investors, and strategic partnerships. The funds will be utilized for the development and refinement of our predictive models, scaling our operations, expanding our market reach, enhancing our AI/ML capabilities, and ensuring robust data security.

How does Mutanex Genomics aim to revolutionize healthcare, and what impact do you envision for your technology?
Mutanex Genomics aims to revolutionize healthcare by leveraging AI and precision medicine to provide accurate, personalized treatment recommendations. Our technology will reduce the need for extensive testing, minimize side effects, and ensure that patients receive the best care possible. We envision a future where genetic analysis and precision medicine will be predicted through AI/ML models without costly genetic analysis.

Can you provide an example of how your genomics solutions have made a difference in patient care or healthcare outcomes?
Traditionally, personalized medicine involves manual genetic analysis and the prediction of variant pathogenicity by various teams of doctors and diagnosticians. This process identifies the best treatment options and calculates appropriate dosages. Our AI models revolutionize this approach by automating the entire process. By simply connecting the sequencer to the cloud, our system can generate personalized medicine within 2 minutes to 2 hours. This speed is up to 1000 times faster and 10 times cheaper than the traditional manual approach. This automation not only accelerates the delivery of personalized treatments but also enhances accuracy and reduces costs, making advanced genomic medicine accessible to more patients.

What is the unique selling proposition (USP) of Mutanex Genomics, and how does it differentiate itself from other players in the genomics field?
Mutanex Genomics stands out with its rapid, affordable personalized medicine solutions driven by predictive AI models. Unlike traditional approaches, it achieves up to 1000 times faster genetic analysis at a fraction of the cost with up to 98% accuracy. We have developed world’s first platform which by leveraging clinical data, familial history, and symptoms delivers personalized reports without always requiring genetic analysis with up to 70% accuracy. This innovative approach streamlines healthcare delivery, offering efficient, cost-effective treatments tailored to individual patient profiles.

What are your key business strategies and plans for growth in the coming years?
Our key business strategies focus on comprehensive disease coverage and strategic collaborations with hospitals and laboratories to deliver optimal personalized treatments. Over the coming years, we plan to establish the world’s first completely AI-driven, fastest personalized medicine hospitals and laboratories under Mutanex worldwide. This initiative aims to ensure every patient receives the most accurate treatment through Mutanex facilities. Initially, we will launch the online platform globally as a SaaS solution and collaborate with multiple hospital and laboratory branches across India and other countries to expand our reach and impact in personalized healthcare delivery.

What is your roadmap to achieving profitability, and what milestones have you set to measure your progress?
Our roadmap to profitability includes global expansion with our SaaS platform, partnerships with hospitals and labs, and revenue streams from subscriptions and direct sales. We aim for efficient operations and cost management while focusing on customer acquisition. We are entirely dedicated towards precision and in upcoming year we are planning to collab with up to cancer 1000 hospitals and genetic laboratories. Achieving these milestones will establish Mutanex as a leader in AI-driven personalized medicine, ensuring sustainable growth and profitability.

What are the primary goals for Mutanex Genomics over the next 1-2 years, and how do you plan to achieve them?
Our primary goal over the next 1-2 years is to build trust and establish collaborations with all major chronic care hospitals in India. We will focus on partnering with genetic, cancer, kidney, and cardiac hospitals, aiming to collaborate with up to 1,700 hospitals nationally while preparing for global expansion. Looking ahead to 5-6 years, our vision is for Mutanex to be the standard platform used by every hospital worldwide for accurate personalized treatment profiles, ensuring that every individual receives medicine through our portal.

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