Omantel supports Omani freelance entrepreneurs

Omantel supports Omani freelance entrepreneurs

Oman’s leading telecommunications company, Omantel signed agreements with a group of young Omani male and female freelancers to award contracts for document archiving services. The initiative aims to support the efforts made by the Sultanate of Oman to keep pace with the rapid developments in the business environment in Oman.

Speaking on the occasion, Ghassan bin Khamis Al-Hashar, the Acting Chief Financial Officer of Omantel said Omantel is, as usual, at the forefront of companies seeking to promote initiatives that support the national economy and utilize the capabilities of Omani graduates to empower entrepreneurs, in addition to contributing to the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

He further said “These agreements represent an important milestone for Omantel’s Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Division, as this initiative is being launched with the aim to support freelance local business owners by assigning direct contracts for document archiving services.”

On his part, Ghalib bin Ali bin Hamoud Al Mamari, Acting General Manager of Strategic Sourcing & Procurement at Omantel, said “By awarding direct contracts to this group of freelancers, we will make use of their skills to provide documents and archives management services. After fulfilling the legislative and regulatory requirements, the selected freelancers can offer their services in accordance with the legal framework that was recently announced by the National Employment Program.” It is worth mentioning that the introduction of this framework has enabled the Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Division of Omantel Finance Unit to launch such an unprecedented initiative to support medium and small enterprises, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

“This initiative is a continuation of support provided during the past period and a prelude to several upcoming initiatives that can be used to explore the skills of young people who possess commercial licenses to practice self-employment from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Investment Promotion. According to the regulations in force to register freelancers in this field and with the commitment of the entrepreneurs for self-employment, we will be able to make a solid impact by spreading the culture of self-employment and raising productivity and competitiveness in the labor market” he concluded.

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