SCCI workshop on “Metaverse” highlights the opportunities for the business community

SCCI workshop on “Metaverse” highlights the opportunities for the business community

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has hosted a scientific workshop in partnership with the Emirates Association for Social Development to discuss how “Metaverse” and the Fourth Industrial Revolution can support and bolster the business community.

Organized by the SCCI’s Sharjah Training and Development Center, the workshop aimed to educate the chamber employees about the prospective applications of Metaverse technology and to explore how it could enhance the services offered to SCCI members and affiliates, thereby aiding the realization of the UAE’s agendas.

The event, themed “What is Metaverse?”, took place today at the SCCI’s headquarters. Attendees included Maryam Saif Al Shamsi, the Assistant Director General for the Support Services Sector at the Sharjah Chamber, along with various department heads and a number of Chamber employees. Engineer Ali Salem Al Nuaimi spearheaded the session, delivering a comprehensive review of the industrial revolutions, culminating with a focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Al Nuaimi elucidated the concept of the metaverse, its constitutive elements known as ‘metaspheres’, and the necessary skills required to navigate and utilize them effectively. He emphasized the importance of harnessing these emerging technologies to serve the business community, aligning with the UAE’s strategic objectives concerning the digital economy, artificial intelligence, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Speaking on the occasion, Maryam Saif Al Shamsi stressed that the Sharjah Chamber is committed to ensuring its employees stay abreast of cutting-edge innovations and technological advancements. She said, “We’re committed to fostering an optimal environment that empowers our staff to keep in step with the substantial progress being made within the UAE, especially in relation to metaverse technology.”

“Establishing a solid digital infrastructure is key, as it enables us to fully exploit new technical advancements and tap into the immense opportunities presented by the rapidly growing digital economy. This workshop, intended to enhance our digital service system, clearly demonstrated the participants’ eagerness to learn and benefit from the insightful content presented. It’s encouraging to witness such enthusiasm and active involvement in the knowledge-sharing process.” Al Shamsi added.

During the gathering, Engineer Ali Salem Al Nuaimi shed light on the UAE’s proactive initiatives to enhance its footprint in the global Metaverse landscape. He reviewed the nation’s swift measures aimed at keeping pace with this evolving sector, drawing attention to the Dubai Metaverse Strategy in this regard. This strategy seeks to position Dubai among the top 10 economies contributing to the Metaverse while establishing the city as a pivotal hub for the global Metaverse community.

Al Nuaimi delved deeper into the virtual and augmented reality, explaining how these technologies amalgamate the virtual and augmented worlds through distinctively designed applications that differentiate between the two. He went on to present various modern applications of the Metaverse, including telehealth care, digital twin technology, augmented reality-enhanced tourism and live events, shopping experiences facilitated by virtual and augmented reality, and the role of digital assets.

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