UAE startup, Cartlow expands into Saudi Arabia


One of the region’s fastest growing e-commerce apps, Cartlow, has launched in Saudi Arabia. With over 1M active users, 500,000 downloads and selling more than 100,000 items, the homegrown UAE money-saving app with the first ‘re-commerce’ solution is set to bridge a non-structured market gap and offer local consumers big name products at market-beating prices from smartphones and tablets, to laptops, TVs, watches, toys, home appliances and more.

Each year, five billion tons of waste is produced to returns, made up predominantly of brand-new, fully-functioning or repairable products. The ensuing landfill waste from this phenomenon is posing a serious threat to the planet’s health whilst also resulting in the scrapping of products made from precious natural resources. In most cases, these items are in top shape and fully functional, however unsustainable practices and certain company regulations lead to retailers simply tossing away these items or selling them at low retrieval rates. The sustainable-driven app plans to empower retailers and distributors with a solution to sustain healthy inventory. By taking on returned and excess goods from retailers, Cartlow reduces waste and carbon emissions through its recycling and reselling program, setting an example in the industry by promoting sustainable habits.

With its overall success of over 100,000 items sold and half a million downloads since the official launch, Cartlow’s re-commerce solution will offer local Saudi consumers access to a limitless selection of certified open-box, pre-owned, refurbished and clearance products that present its shoppers with unbeatable prices on every-day items; all covered through a comprehensive warranty. Cartlow works alongside a series of well-trusted global brands and recognized house-hold names, helping to turn-over their unhealthy inventory to reduce unsustainable practices.

Mohammad Sleiman founded Cartlow with the vision of giving these products a second chance by bringing them to customers at an affordable price point, whilst making a conscious effort to limit the burden and carbon footprint of open box return practices. Sleiman has previously co-founded and directed Helpbit (an Amazon acquired company under, who has previously built and lead one of the largest aftersales operations and on demand service app in the GCC. With more than 15 years of managerial experience, under a number of leading firms, Mohammad found a gap in the market and a business opportunity within the pre-owned and refurbished industry.

“We have witnessed a huge gap in the pre-owned market within Saudi, so we are proud to expand our ecosystem to KSA consumers. We hope to build up a local customer base throughout the region and with our quality control systems in place we will continue to offer products at the best prices to our consumers.” explains Mohammad Sleiman, Founder of Cartlow.

Whilst the consumer market is flourishing with an ever-increasing range of items to choose from, affordability is not. Cartlow provides users with a ‘smarter way to shop’; by purchasing these premium products and repurposing them for use. Each of the products that Cartlow distributes is expertly tested in-house and certified with up to one-year warranty, providing users with a peace-of-mind shopping experience, as well as a guaranteed best value deal.

Now, delivering its high-quality offering in Saudi Arabia, Cartlow is set to expand its horizons across the GCC. With the brand’s sustained growth and elevated value proposition, Mohammad Sleiman is certain that the continued growth of Cartlow will lead to a lowered carbon-footprint from the pre-owned and refurbished goods industry.

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