ADabisc Next becomes a Google Partner


NEXT, ADabisc’s digital and interactive unit, is now a certified Google Partner. This milestone achievement for ADabisc, a Qatari company, has earned it a place among over 5000 other Google Partner companies around the world. As a result, NEXT has received a badge that will indicate that it is a trusted Google Partner, being the only one in Qatar so far. Certified Google Partners can manage a company or client’s online marketing so it can focus on running its business.

Partner companies are required to be in the know about the latest Google tools and products by passing a certification exam every 18 months. Also, these companies can stay ahead by working directly with Google as they have access to various training and product updates, which help Partners stay on top of what is going on at Google.

Managing Partner of ADabisc, Luay Darwish, commented on how it will help ADabisc serve its clients more effectively. “ADabisc has grown considerably since its inception in 2003 in terms of the services we provide as well as the size of our team. Getting certified by Google is a step in the direction of success, as the resources that we will have access to from Google will help us immensely in many avenues. The purpose of our existence as a company is to honour our commitments to our clients and to maximize their ROI. This certification will help us do just that as we can use Google best practices to manage campaigns to focus on helping them get the most out of their marketing budget.”

Echoing these thoughts, Director of ADabisc NEXT, Mohamed Mansour added “This is a huge achievement not just for our team at NEXT but for the entire company. With this certification, our clients or prospective clients can be assured that they will receive only the best services and support from us. We always strive to serve our clients with the most innovative ideas and now we can take bigger steps in that direction with support from Google.”

ADabisc was founded as a marketing and communications company by Riad Makdessi and Luay Darwish in 2003. Not just evolving, but by leading market changes, it is now known as a company of great innovations and many firsts. Beginning with a team of four, the company has now expanded to a staff of nearly 100 persons of various professional and cultural backgrounds.

It has seven units whose functions include branding, web and digital marketing services, TV & film production, print publishing & content management, public relations, event management and marketing strategy & client services. The company’s overall portfolio comprises work for some of the biggest brands in Qatar from a wide array of sectors such as government, commercial, entrepreneurial, hospitality, telecommunications and more.

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