Ericsson to Conduct Application Awards Competition to Supports Local Innovation

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As the deadline for the Ericsson Application Awards looms, Ericsson received a significant number of entries for the global competition from the Middle East and Africa region.

“In the Networked Society, Ericsson is the leading advocate of Technology for Good and its ability to make people’s life better and meet the sustainability challenges. This year’s competition will recognize achievements in those areas,” said Anders Lindblad, President of Ericsson Middle East Region. “Combining the technology with people’s innovation herein the UAE and around the globe, will enable the truly Networked Society.”

The theme of the 2014 competition is Apps for Working Life, in support of Ericsson’s vision of a Networked Society in which – through a combination of mobility, broadband, the cloud, applications and services – anything and everything is connected. How can apps help us all in our daily working life both now and in the future? How do we contribute to making the next generation of working life a context where people can better innovate, collaborate and balance life outside work?

Egypt’s Nabda Care won the EAA 2012 Technology for Good prize for its Health Book application. The Nabda Care solution uses mobile and cloud technology in a scalable solution, enabling access to affordable health-care services for society.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Ericsson has organized The Ericsson Application Awards. Students and small- and medium-sized enterprises from anywhere in the world are invited to submit Android and iOS mobile apps. This year, the first prize is EUR 25,000, second prize is EUR 10,000, and there is special recognition for innovation supporting Technology for Good. Third to 10th prizes include diplomas and honorary mentions.

The deadline for application submission is February 28th, 2014.

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