iOS and Android Device Adoption Rate Said to be Fastest in History

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Axiom Telecom has hailed the UAE’s role in driving the adoption rate of iOS and Android devices to surpass all other consumer technologies in history.

Analytics firm Flurry recently made the startling discovery that smartphones and tablets are being adopted at a rate 10 times faster than PCs from the 1980s, two times faster than the Internet in the 1990s, and three times faster than the current social networking boom.

The UAE is among the key regions driving this dramatic trend;Google’s annual Mobile Planet smartphone study revealing that the country has some of the highest smartphone penetration in the world, with 62% of mobile phone users in the country reporting that they own smartphones.

Business Monitor International’s UAE Consumer Electronics Industry Report estimates that the UAE’s consumer electronics market is set to reach a value of $3.8bn in 2012 and $4.8bn by 2016.

“We are entering a new era of mobile empowerment where consumers demand technology that delivers on all fronts, from the enterprise and day-to-day organization to education and entertainment,” said Faisal Al Bannai, CEO, Axiom Telecom.

“I am proud that the UAE is so active in driving the adoption of smart devices, and am utterly committed to pulling out all of the stops to bring the latest and greatest products to the market here. The more attuned to the latest mobile trends we are, the more capable we become as a nation to innovate and drive a brighter, more sustainable future for all,” he added.

2,000-strong Axiom Telecom is the Middle East’s largest mobile retailer, currently boasting a portfolio of 575 retail points and reaches over 3,742 points of sale across the region.

In addition to a growing reputation for debuting technology ahead of the competition, Axiom Telecom stands out for a host of customer service innovations such as a 60-second data transfer, 1 hour express repair, a pick-up and delivery service for repairs, stand-by phones during the repair period, and a 2-year warranty on select brands.

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