Saudi micro-influencer marketplace, Flicron raises over $1 million in crowdfunding

Funding News

Saudi’s first micro-influencers marketplace Flicron, which provides specialised marketing solutions through social media influencers in KSA, announced the closing of its second Equity Crowdfunding round, worth SAR4 million ($1.7 million), in crowdfunding through Manfaa Capital.

Since its inception in 2018, the platform has experienced phenomenal growth. In just a short time, Flicron is already connecting 9,000+ micro-influencers with 400+ small, medium and large businesses. At no cost, brands upload a brief and receive lovingly crafted content featuring their products, and only pay for content they approve. Micro-influencers who have built fans around a particular passion, get paid for crafting posts where they recommend products they have already used and loved.

Flicron is built to help brand owners with their efforts in simplifying influencers marketing campaigns process. At Flicron, brands can conduct social media campaigns that are natural to the very medium of social media with individual creativity. Where brands through the platform implement marketing campaigns through social networking sites using the creative sense of influencers who use those brands.

Flicron seeks to fill the huge demand gap in the Saudi market to be more effective and facilitate the user experience by providing a complete analysis of influencers with different interests in one place.

Abdullah Al-Zuhairi, CEO, Flicron said “Flicron seeks to employ the new funding to expand a greater coverage of the Saudi market in the field of marketing through influencers for the current year 2021, as well as the development of the operations and advantages of its technological platform. It will also attract more distinguished talents to achieve Flicron’s strategic objectives, placing it at the forefront of specialised companies in this field, and enhancing its services.”

Hashem Zahran, COO, Flicron said that the company is constantly striving to meet the ambitions of entrepreneurs, brand owners and marketing managers in various companies, and to innovate technical solutions that contribute to the ease of delivering the message of their brands to the largest segment of their target audience in a professional manner. He also added that expansion in the Middle East is one of Flicron’s most important directions in the future.

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