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Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC) has yesterday concluded the third talk show for July titled ‘The Rise of Sustainable Fashion’, where experts highlighted the growing trend of ethical and sustainable fashion and the impact of the coronavirus on the apparel and fashion industry.

SBWC talk is aimed at rebuilding and strengthening the UAE’s female-led business and entrepreneurial ecosystem in response to COVID-19 disruptions. Through a range of development resources targeting various sectors, SBWC has enabled its members devise innovative strategies and adapt new business models to cope with the post-crisis realities.

H.E. Shatha Alaay, Member of the Federal National Council, Founder of Dar Al Shatha and Shatha Beauty Spa; and Amna Al Shara, Department Manager Retail Sales Dept Northern Emirates steered the conversation on lessons learnt in the pandemic and highlighted unique approaches to design and manufacture in a more sustainable manner to keep pace with the new shifts in consumer behaviour.

Alaay and Al Shara shared their entrepreneurship journey in the sustainable fashion sector. They pointed out that the sector adopted sustainable manufacturing practices and aimed at lowering the carbon footprint by using eco-friendly material and reducing consumption of natural resources.

Several participants shared their experiences in adapting their business to the present situation, and how they benefited from the measures taken by the government to protect and support SMEs. They also lauded the virtual initiatives launched by SBWC aimed at helping members navigate the crisis.

At SBWC’s talk titled ‘Beauty & Jewelry Trends: The Future Outlook’, Shurooq Al Midfa, Founder of Shurooq Al Midfa Jewelry, and Olympia Tabash, Partner at Anfasic Dokhoon, highlighted the strong influence of social media in shaping consumer behaviour, pointing out that collaborations with influencers could boost brand awareness and expose the brand to new and large audience segments.

The entrepreneurs also drew attention to the in-store vs online shopping debate, emphasising that as e-commerce was the way forward, businesses should strike a balance between the retail and online approach to ensure business continuity. They further advised SBWC members to refrain from comparing their business growth with that of their competitors and to focus instead on bolstering the brand through effective marketing strategies.

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