500 Startups Announces “MENA Dojo” Second Batch

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500 startups has just announced the launch of their ‘MENA Dojo’ Series A Programme’s second batch.

This is a late-seed stage initiative that will see 10 Middle Eastern companies seeking to fundraise a Series A round gear up for the next steps. In its first edition, the Dojo programme helped 9 MENA-based startups get into “beast mode,” including Eventtus, Edfa3ly, Mumm, and Souq Almal.  

In order to enter the 6-week long programme, companies should be post-seed, and have achieved a strong product-market fit proven by significant revenues wherein the founders and teams can benefit from high intensity growth and distribution training in real-time. The growth-hacking programme includes 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, culminating in Investor Day on May 10th. 

The companies entering the programme will receive a $150,000 investment for 5 percent equity, and be required to pay a $15,000 tuition fee. Earlier last year the Silicon Valley-based VC announced the creation of 500 Falcons, a $15 million MENA-based fund setting off to invest in early-stage startups in the Middle East and north Africa.

The deadline is March 1st, and startups can apply by registering to Magnitt.  

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