Abwaab to offer personalized educational experience

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Abwaab, the edtech startup in MENA, has announced that it has integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT to equip its students with a more personalized and rich test-prep experience. For the first time, students in the region will be able to receive immediate, personalized feedback on open-ended questions.

Since most secondary-school ministry examinations in MENA contain this question type and there had not been any reliable resource for students until today, this marks a huge milestone for edtech in the region where there are over 100 million students. Additionally, this integration will allow Abwaab to double down on building and diversifying its question bank, further cementing its title as the region’s test-prep powerhouse.

“Our vision is to unleash the potential of students in the region by providing them with a high-quality, accessible, and personalized educational experience,” said Hamdi Tabbaa, CEO and co-founder of Abwaab. “Leveraging the latest AI technologies allows us to make big strides towards this. We are excited about what this integration will bring to the millions of students who rely on us.”

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