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Trend Micro tech start-up pitch-off competition now open

Trend Micro, the leader in cloud security, announced that it has upped the stakes for its annual tech start-up pitch-off competition, the Forward Thinker Award, doubling the first-place cash prize to $20,000.

Ericsson presents a sneak-peek into future workspaces

The Ericsson IndustryLab report, The Dematerialized Office explores the white-collar employee perspective on a potential future reality where digital technology by 2030 could interact with our senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.

Banking and Finance predictions for the year 2021

Miljan Stamenkovic, General Manager of the Middle East and North Africa region at Mambu, shares Mambu’s 2021 banking and finance predictions.

97% of UAE SMBs embrace new digital technologies

According to the study, by the end of 2020, nearly all (97%, compared to the global average of 83%) of SMBs surveyed in UAE had embraced new forms of digital technology to meet changing consumer behaviors.

Qatari startup ADGS develops a tool to battle COVID-19

ADGS, a Qatar-based Deep Technology startup will provide a first of its kind tool in the fight against COVID-19, as the company was founded with the mission to develop algorithms for computers to ethically reproduce human behavior.

Zbooni experiences 600% growth in 2020

Zbooni has announced a record-breaking 2020, with 600% growth in the volume of business across its platform. The business saw the accelerated acquisition of merchants looking for efficient solutions to help start, run and grow their business during what was a turbulent year for many industries.

How to protect yourself against cybercriminals

Efi Dahan, Managing Director in PayPal for Central and Eastern Europe and Israel shares his top 3 tips on how to protect yourself against the cybercriminals in the global data chaos, which has seen a big increase in cyberattacks since the start of the pandemic

7 ways malware can infect your device

Amer Owaida, security writer at ESET explains that everyone knows that malware is bad, but are they also aware of the various common ways in which it can infiltrate your devices?

Cyber attackers can take full control of iPhone via WiFi

Amer Owaida, security writer at ESET explains that using a zero-click exploit, an attacker could have taken complete control of any iPhone within Wi-Fi range in seconds

Security in uncertain times

Tomáš Foltýn, security writer at ESET looks back at some of the key themes that defined the cybersecurity landscape in the year that’s ending and give their takes on what to expect in 2021.

How Zoom enabled Emiratis during lockdown

Sam Tayan, Managing Director for the Middle East and Africa at Zoom describes how Zoom enabled emiratis in very many different ways during the COVID-19 lockdown

ViaBTC mining Pool partners with AntSentry to make mining easier

ViaBTC mining Pool has reached a strategic cooperation with AntSentry, a subsidiary of Bitmain, the world’s largest ASIC mining machine manufacturer.

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