CalTier Realty takes crowdfunding route to raise $5 million

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CalTier Realty – a proptech company aiming to provide investors with the chance to build wealth with commercial real estate investment opportunities – has launched its own $5 million Reg CF investment raise.

Matt Belcher, CEO & co-founder, CalTier Realty

The disruptive fintech investment platform from CalTier Realty provides offerings for real estate funds to over 5,000 users and unparalleled access to commercial real estate investment regardless of investor experience or starting wealth level.

“We believe that the best investments shouldn’t be solely for the privileged few. Regardless of wealth, knowledge, skill, or location, anyone should be afforded the opportunity to benefit from a variety of wealth-creating opportunities,” said CEO and Co-founder of CalTier Realty Matt Belcher.

CalTier has seen a 3000% rise in user growth between March 2021 and 2022 within a market estimated to be valued at $3 trillion.

The Reg CF raise will help CalTier launch additional real estate portfolio funds, expand its investment platform through integrated blockchain technology, reach more investors globally, expand its team, and offer more alternative investment opportunities not generally available to the everyday investor.

Investment options through its Reg CF start at just $5 per share with a $1,000 minimum investment amount. More investment information is available here.

Award-winning Rialto Markets is partnering with CalTier for its raise with its transformational fintech broker-dealer infrastructure and technology, CEO and Co-founder Shari Noonan said “It’s fantastic to have CalTier Realty on board with us and hosting its Reg CF raise. CalTier’s work to democratize real estate investment aligns greatly with our aim to democratize private security crowdfunding and create more investment opportunities for smaller, accredited and institutional investors.

“It’s essential that private companies such as CalTier continue to scale considering alternative investment methods are becoming increasingly popular with retail and smaller investors.”

Rialto Markets hosts capital raises for multiple high-growth private companies in an ever-expanding private securities market, which Forbes recently forecast would hit a record $7 trillion this year and grow to a staggering $30 trillion by 2030.

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