Startup Idea: Detachable Adapter That Helps Cyclists Securely Clip Large Crates To Their Bikes

While cyclists are typically free to go anywhere they please on their two wheels, one downside is that they’re limited as to what they can carry with ...

Startup Idea: An Insole That Can Tell Doctors What’s Wrong With Your Foot

Sports injuries come in all shapes and sizes, and even when it’s clear where the pain is, it’s much more difficult to determine the cause.

Startup Idea: Edible Water Blob That Could Replace Plastic Bottles

Plastic water bottles have long been recognized as a big problem for the environment, so much so that San Francisco recently banned the sale of bottle...

Startup Idea: App That Lets Parents Share the Best Child-Friendly Venues

Parenting is a long-haul job, and one that changes from year to year as kids grow up and demand different things.

Startup Idea: A Breakup Box That Cures Broken Hearts and Helps People in Need

For those whose relationships are beyond repair, Japan’s Shitsuren Box — which translates as Break Up Box — aims to soothe recipients’ broken hearts w...

Busy Box Announce Franchise Opportunities for its Unique Arts & Crafts Concept

Busy Box, a leader in Arts & Crafts activities and arts education through innovative methods, announced the availability of its concept through a ...

Startup Idea: StudyPact Gives Prizes for Completing Work and Penalties for Missed Deadlines

One way to motivate humans to do anything is to provide rewards when they achieve and punishment when they fail,

Startup Idea: Printable Smart Hive That Could Save Bees From Dying

Not everyone enjoys having bees in their back garden, but the insects’ pollination is vital to the global ecosystem

Startup Idea of the Week: Motorbike Helmet Add-On Enables Headphone-Free Listening

Motorcycle helmets are growing up. First, we saw the NUVIZ Ride:HUD — a helmet add-on that gives them a Google Glass-style head-up display with inform...

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