Startup Idea of the Week: Motorbike Helmet Add-On Enables Headphone-Free Listening

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Motorcycle helmets are growing up. First, we saw the NUVIZ Ride:HUD — a helmet add-on that gives them a Google Glass-style head-up display with information such as maps and speed.

Now HEADWAY from Germany-based startup Rockatoo aims to replace motorcycle headphones with a device that turns any helmet into a loudspeaker.

The device is a small magnetic attachment that can be clipped onto the back of any existing helmet. Through a Bluetooth connection, users can then stream music from their smartphone. HEADWAY uses what’s called surface transducing technology, meaning that the audio is translated into vibrations that move the helmet in such a way as to turn it into an acoustic resonance chamber.

When the helmet is worn, users can hear whatever is being streamed through the device with sufficient clarity.

Rockatoo has already developed the technology but is currently still in the product design phase. It aims to start a crowdfunding campaign in April, where consumers will be able to pre-order the device. Could this technology work for other sports requiring a helmet?


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