DBWC Talks “Arabic for Successful Business” at April Network Majlis


The Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), the official representative organization for business women, both professionals and entrepreneurs, in the Emirate of Dubai, hosted Iqraa during its April Network Majlis on ‘Arabic for Successful Business’. Yousef Omar, Director of Studies, Iqraa, and Clair Woodcraft, Emirates Foundation, provided key insights into how language skills can enhance a better and successful business environment in working in the UAE.

“The UAE has become a multi-cultural city however since we are in the Middle-East, the Arabic dialect will remain a strong and important element of our country’s heritage,” said HE Dr. Raja Easa Saleh Al Gurg, President of DBWC. “By understanding certain local cultural norms and knowing how to converse with a client or business partner in their own language will provide great advantages to any business person, even more so if they can speak the local language, being Arabic in our case. Arabic is certainly not an easy language to learn however I applaud the many expatriates who are invested in our country and who proactively seek ways to adapt to local norms and are interested to learn Arabic terms and expressions.”

The half-day session highlighted the importance of communication using Arabic in business contexts and how knowledge of the Arabic culture and language skills can enhance a business environment and client and employee relations. Furthermore, DBWC members experienced how Arabic quality learning can enhance their understanding of the working culture and business in an Arab country while some useful Arabic phrases were shared and practised along with a discussion on ways to promote Arabic to businesses in the UAE.

The session was concluded with real life success stories of people who have learnt Arabic and how Arabic played a fundamental role in their success.

The DBWC hosts monthly events which provide its members with practical and analytical skills which benefit them on a daily basis in their personal and work life. The next event will be taking place on May 21st with Kompass entitled “Mindfulness: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment”.

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