Discipline, consistency, and mentorship are key ingredients for a successful startup

Discipline, consistency, and mentorship are key ingredients for a successful startup

Chirantan Joshi, the successful entrepreneur and national director of CorporateConnections for UAE talks about his journey as a successful serial entrepreneur and his association with CorporateConnections which has helped him to create several opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs

How would you describe your entrepreneurial journey?
My entrepreneurial journey has been an adventure, filled with gratitude for the fortuitous encounters with the right individuals at the right moments. From a modest team of three employees in 2003, we have experienced remarkable growth, now employing 500+ individuals as of 2023. Our expansion has extended beyond a single entity, encompassing more than six businesses. This progress has been driven by the power of collaboration, strategic partnerships, and a supportive network that has enabled us to surmount challenges and achieve significant milestones in our pursuit of success.

What have been the key milestone moments in your journey?
Our journey has been marked by several key milestone moments that have left a lasting impact on our growth and success. One such milestone was reaching our first 100 employees mark, demonstrating a significant milestone in our expansion. Another pivotal moment was the geographical expansion beyond the borders of the UAE, venturing into Qatar, India, and KSA. This expansion opened new markets and opportunities for us. Furthermore, a notable achievement was when one of our businesses was chosen to be a part of the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad case study in 2023, affirming our credibility and innovation practices. These milestones have propelled us forward and solidified our position in the business landscape.

How and when did your association with CorporateConnections happen?
My association with CorporateConnections began in 2019 when I was introduced to this incredible organization by a close friend who leads another global business network group in the UAE. Since then, through this platform, we have been establishing a thriving community of professionals through chapters of CorporateConnections@UAE. This platform allows members to foster meaningful business relationships, access professional development opportunities, and engage in peer advisory groups.

How long have CorporateConnections been present in the Middle East?
We launched our Dubai Chapter in 2020 and currently have 24 members and growing. We are in the process of launching our 2nd chapter soon. The real advantage of CorporateConnections is that it’s a Global Community of Senior Business Leaders who are in over 25 countries. It is one of the fastest growing business communities and we have added 500+ new members globally in the last 12 months.

How can one join your network and what benefits do you offer to your members?
To join our network at CorporateConnections UAE, there are certain criteria that prospective members need to meet. First and foremost, they must be either a C-Level Executive or a Business Owner. Additionally, the annual revenues of the business they manage should exceed 20 million AED, and they need to be based in the UAE. Furthermore, we require that members have at least five years of experience in their respective fields. Finally, applicants must successfully pass the membership committee’s approval process during their application interview.

As the name suggests, our primary focus is to help our members establish valuable connections. We facilitate this by organizing monthly meetings, events, and forums where members can engage and network. By providing a curated group of individuals who share similar stature and success, we enable our members to learn from each other’s experiences and accelerate their personal and professional growth.

By being part of CorporateConnections UAE, our members gain access to a supportive community of like-minded professionals who understand their challenges and can offer valuable insights. Through our network, they have the opportunity to forge meaningful business relationships, expand their networks, and enhance the quality of their connections.

What initiatives are you running for startups and how do CorporateConnections create opportunities for startups in the region?
At CorporateConnections UAE, we provide valuable opportunities for startups in the region. Our experienced and established members, who are well-established in their respective fields, serve as mentors for startups, sharing their experiences and knowledge for their benefit. We facilitate networking events, workshops, and collaborative projects, connecting startups with potential investors, partners, and industry connections. By learning from our members’ successes and failures, startups gain insights and guidance on various aspects of business operations. We actively contribute to the growth of startups by leveraging our network’s resources, expertise, and support, enabling them to make informed decisions and thrive in their entrepreneurial journey.

What is one thing that sets a successful entrepreneur apart from the rest?
In my experience, discipline stands out as the defining factor that sets a successful entrepreneur apart from others. Successful entrepreneurs possess the discipline to consistently work towards their goals, stay focused on their vision, and persevere through challenges. They maintain a structured approach, manage their time effectively, and prioritize tasks that drive their business forward. This discipline enables them to stay committed, maintain a strong work ethic, and adapt to changing circumstances, ultimately leading to long-term success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

What should one remember before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey?
Before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, it is crucial for individuals to remember that they cannot do it alone. Successful entrepreneurs understand the significance of having the right individuals in the right positions, carrying out the right tasks. Building a strong team and retaining talented individuals is essential for long-term success. Entrepreneurs should prioritize finding and nurturing the right talent, as they are the key to executing strategies, driving innovation, and achieving business goals. By recognizing the value of assembling a skilled and dedicated team, entrepreneurs can leverage collective strengths, delegate effectively, and foster a culture of collaboration, ultimately propelling their entrepreneurial ventures forward.

What message would you like to give to the young generation that aspires to be part of this startup ecosystem?
To the aspiring young generation entering the startup ecosystem, I would like to emphasize the significance of discipline, consistency, and mentorship. These three pillars are crucial for success in the entrepreneurial journey. Maintain discipline in your work ethic, prioritize consistency in your efforts, and never underestimate the power of finding the right mentors who can guide and accelerate your startup journey. Learn from experienced individuals, seek guidance, and surround yourself with a supportive network that can provide insights, resources, and valuable connections. With discipline, consistency, and the right mentors, you can navigate the challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable growth and success in the dynamic world of startups.


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