EdfaPay secures license to operate in Morocco

EdfaPay secures license to operate in Morocco

EdfaPay, a leading innovator in fintech services, is proud to announce expansion into the Moroccan market after receiving an official license to operate in the country. This significant achievement aligns with EdfaPay’s vision to empower the global financial landscape.

With this new license, EdfaPay is set to bring its cutting-edge financial solutions, including Soft POS, Payment Gateway, to merchants and customers across Morocco, with a commitment to leveraging expertise and sustainable technology will drive unparalleled efficiency, security, and simplicity in financial transactions.

“Our expansion into Morocco marks a pivotal moment for EdfaPay as we continue to grow our footprint and bring our innovative solutions to new markets” said Eng.Ghormallah Al-Ghamdi CEO of EdfaPay. “We are committed to providing Moroccan businesses and consumers with the highest standards of financial technology, enhancing their transaction experience and contributing to the local economy” he added.

EdfaPay operates in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Latam Markets and Tunisia. Adding the license to operate in Morocco is a testament to the company’s dedication to expanding its services and reinforcing its position as a leader in the fintech industry as it is looking forward to building strong partnerships and contributing to the financial growth and stability of the Moroccan market.


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