Zubair EDC disc on investing in startups

Zubair EDC disc on investing in startups

The Zubair Enterprises Development Centre (Zubair EDC), a social initiative by The Zubair Corporation, recently held its monthly “Tajribati” dialogue session focusing on investing in startups. The event, hosted at The Zubair Corporation head office, featured Dr. Amaal Al Abrawi, Founding Partner of Sehatak, and Mashael Fairooz, Founding Partner of JEO Capital. The session was moderated by Ali Shaker, Acting Director of Zubair EDC.

“Tajribati” serves as a unique platform for entrepreneurs to share insights, discuss challenges, and explore successful strategies. This initiative aligns with Zubair EDC’s mission to foster entrepreneurship in the Sultanate. The session highlighted key investment criteria for startups and the optimal timing for seeking investment. Speakers shared critical advice on what entrepreneurs should avoid when seeking funding, alongside success stories from the field. Active participation from Centre members enriched the discussion with diverse experiences and expertise.

Ali Shaker emphasised the importance of this topic, noting the challenges faced by SMEs in securing funding. He expressed gratitude for the insights provided which he believes will significantly aid entrepreneurs in their preparation for investment opportunities. “We were delighted to host experienced speakers in the field of startup investments, such as Dr. Amaal Al Abrawi and Ms. Mashael Fairooz, who significantly enriched the “Tajribati” dialogue session with their experiences in developing emerging projects. We stress the importance of thorough preparation for entrepreneurs to increase their chances of securing appropriate investments and achieving their goals, thereby enhancing their role in the local economy through knowledge and innovation.

Dr. Amaal Al Abrawi remarked, “Participating in the ‘Tajribati’ session was a valuable opportunity to exchange experiences with fellow entrepreneurs. I look forward to further cooperation to support entrepreneurial growth.”

Mashael Fairooz added, “The session is a valuable platform for entrepreneurs to enhance their business projects by exchanging experiences with experts. I thank Zubair EDC for this opportunity, which underscores the critical role of SMEs in our national economy.”

Established in 2013, Zubair EDC is a cornerstone of The Zubair Corporation’s social responsibility initiatives, reflecting its commitment to the advancement of small enterprises and sustainable economic and social development in Oman.


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