Five entrepreneurs selected as finalists at Aviram Awards 2023


Five trailblazing entrepreneurs from across MENA have been selected as finalists for the 2023 Aviram Awards Foundation competition hosted by the Aviram Foundation and Forbes on 15th May in Marrakech where Bill Clinton will be the headline speaker.

Each year the Aviram Awards aims to identify, mentor and support ventures in the region which have the potential to drive significant social and environmental change through innovation and technology.

The winning start up will win a cash prize $500,000, professional mentoring from globally renowned business leader and Founder of the Aviram Foundation, Ziv Aviram, as well media support from Forbes.

This year’s finalists are:

  1. Yosef Bouyakhf, CEO and founder of Deepecho (Morocco) which uses AI to detect birth defects.
  2. Hila Ben Fazi, CEO and co-founder of Avertto (Israel) which makes a wearable, neck monitoring system that can generate automatic alerts for stroke enabling early detection and treatment.
  3. Sharon Pima, CEO of QD-SOL (Israel) which uses photocatalysts combined with sun light to split hydrogen from water, providing affordable, profitable green hydrogen production that is not dependent on electricity grids.
  4. Dr. Noor Zauri, CEO and co-founder of Polymeron (Saudi Arabia) which produces biodegradable and compostable plastic pellet formulations using the organic waste from the poultry and date farming industries as raw materials.
  5. Dan Daviri, CEO of Carbon Blue (Israel) which removes carbon dioxide from the sea and in turn captures CO2 from the atmosphere. The technology is cheap, compact, energetically efficient, requires no logistics or feedstock, and requires very little maintenance.

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