Foodics signs a MoU with droppTV

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Foodics has announced today that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with droppTV, the world’s first shoppable video streaming platform. The MOU, which was inked during the 2021 Future Investment Initiative held in Riyadh, comes on the heels of Foodics announcing a partnership with American Express Saudi Arabia last month, further strengthening its position as a FinTech company.

dropp has pioneered a new genre of native ecommerce, which enables consumers to shop directly within all forms of streaming content. All transactions happen within the filmic flow of the content itself without overlays, ads, pre-rolls, or redirects. dropp is quickly expanding the application of its shopatainment technology across various industries including, music, film, fashion, and now, food & beverage.

Omar Abdulrahman, Foodics Head of Expansion & Revenue commented, “Our restaurant management ecosystem is growing with new verticals and embedded marketing tools. We are excited to now be partnering with innovative AR/VR start-ups such as droppTV, powering the very first virtual food-court experience or as they prefer to term it, “eatertainment”.”

This partnership will enable Foodics’ restaurant merchants to have the capability of converting every video they publish into a prime call to action, a shoppable video, as well as have access to cutting-edge AR/VR tools to truly showcase their desired experiences virtually.

The tech company, which offers an all-in-one retail management platform helping retail and restaurant owners run their business, had recently announced its Series B, bringing the total funds raised by Foodics so far to US$28mil (SAR 105mil).

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