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My Startup World speaks to the team behind Sinorbis to understand their unique digital marketing platform

Tell us about Sinorbis.
Sinorbis is an all-in-one marketing platform that is revolutionising the way organisations do digital marketing in China. The platform has been developed with the unique needs of the Chinese digital
ecosystem in mind. It allows SMEs and enterprises to realise their full potential in the Chinese market by:

  • Removing the technical barriers usually associated with building a website that
    can be accessed behind the Great Firewall
  • Making it easy and affordable to create a Chinese website and landing pages
    optimised for local requirements
  • Providing marketers with an in-depth analysis of their website’s performance
    across all four major Chinese search engines
  • Enabling organisations to optimise their digital marketing efforts and
    benchmark their results against key competitors
  • Setting up and managing their social presence in China through WeChat.

Sinorbis is enabling organisations across a wide range of industries to reach and sell to Chinese digital consumers, including retail, tourism, and higher education, as well as professional and financial services. Digital marketing in China is complicated. Sinorbis makes it easy by providing western businesses with an all-in-one and affordable platform that removes the complexity of creating, measuring and optimising their Chinese digital presence.

Who is your target audience?
SMEs and enterprises looking to enter the China digital space, education institutions, travel and consumer goods sectors.

What is the USP of your platform?
It is currently the only integrated marketing technology solution for the Chinese digital ecosystem that has been designed with the needs of a Western audience in mind.

Tell us about the team behind the company.
Our CEO, Nicolas Chu, is a global digital thought-leader, with extensive experience in managing online businesses, from startups to large corporates in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. He also serves as a board director of several online companies and organisations.

Prior to Sinorbis, he was the global President of HotelClub and Ebookers, two leading online companies operating in more than 30 markets with an annual turnover of US$2.5 billion. HotelClub and Ebookers were part of Orbitz Worldwide, which was recently acquired by Expedia Inc. for $1.6 billion.

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