HYKE integrates digital payments in its platform


HYKE has announced the integration of digital payments into its platform that will allow retailers in the UAE to settle payments through the app with no additional costs, regardless of the number of transactions conducted or the transaction value. This feature will enable retailers to directly pay HYKE using their Business Bank Accounts, without the need for manual intervention or delays.

The seamless one-time integration and easy-to-use in-app solution is designed to make life easier for retailers who are already using HYKE to manage their Payments. 

This new feature is powered by HYKE’s state of the art platform technology with not only makes payment reconciliated fast, easy, and secure for the Retailers, but also reduces the friction in the traditional payment collection logistics. 

“We are always looking for ways to make our app more user-friendly and efficient for our Retailers. The integration of digital payments is a natural extension of our AI-powered platform and will provide a much smoother experience for our Retailers. This feature allows retailers to log in to their business bank account and pay for their outstanding balance directly from the HYKE app. The payment will be reflected on the Credits & Payments dashboard in just a few minutes,” said Sajjad Zaidi, Product Manager at HYKE.

This service is fully compliant with PCI Compliance and regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE. No one can make any transfer except the Retailer himself, ensuring that all payments are safe and secure. With this latest update, HYKE is making it even easier for retailers to manage their inventory and get products to market quickly and efficiently.

Digital payments are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE, with many businesses now accepting them as a way to reduce costs and speed up transactions. HYKE’s integration of this payment method will make it even easier for retailers to do business on the platform and provide a better experience for their customers. The integration of digital payments into the HYKE app will greatly reduce the administrative burden on Retailers, who will no longer need to manually process payments or keep track of credits. It will also allow Retailers to make payments at any time and from anywhere, making the whole process more convenient.

This is a significant development for HYKE as it looks to further improve the experience of its retail partners and provide them with all the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital economy. With this new feature, HYKE is making it easier than ever for retailers to do business on its platform and providing them with another reason to choose HYKE as their go-to digital distribution partner.

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