iAccel GBI collaborates with Accreda to boost skill development

iAccel GBI collaborates with Accreda to boost skill development

iAccel Gulf Business Incubator (iAccel GBI) has partnered with Accreda, a personalized career-building platform designed for the new-age professional for its Edtech 2.0 vision. This collaboration aims to enhance skills and empower aspiring professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in today’s competitive job market.  

Accreda is a US-based Edtech platform focusing on “learner-centric” programs, prioritizing the learners’ needs. Accreda’s holistic career-building approach features 3-pronged learning pathways, including direct-to-university, direct-to-students and direct-to-corporate, which aligns seamlessly with iAccel GBI’s mission to foster innovative businesses in the Gulf region. 

Speaking about the incorporation, Deepak Ahuja, the CEO and Co-founder of iAccel GBI said, “At iAccel GBI, our vision is to empower future professionals and build a cohesive ecosystem for start-ups to thrive in UAE. With Accreda, we’re amplifying our impact and nurturing a job market that supports individual professionals as well as companies to empower through personalized learning programs.  We are introducing a robust career development platform poised to drive job market expansion while bolstering Dubai’s startup ecosystem.”  

iAccel GBI ‘s incorporation of Accreda aims to bridge the gap between education and employability, offering individuals a valuable pathway to enhance their chances of getting employed and accessing relevant education. The company’s bespoke university solutions offering ‘career planning program’ and ‘workplace readiness program’ is designed to help individuals successfully transition into the job market, aligning with the region’s increasing demand for skilled professionals. 

Talking about the market potential of Accreda, Anishkaa Gehani, the CMO of iAccel GBI said, “Accreda’s integration fits perfectly with our dedication to bringing startups that perfectly match the needs of the UAE ecosystem. Owing to our sector expertise, we aim to position Accreda distinctively and advantageously. Our goal is to employ the platform’s capabilities to contribute to the growth and development of Dubai’s workforce. 

Accreda, represented by its unique solution (Forever Learning and You) FLY, bridges the education-to-employability gap with a career-focused framework that accelerates professional success. Sharing more insights into the company’s UAE market expansion vision, Amol Dani, the co-founder and CEO of Accreda, said, “ACCREDA’s UAE expansion aims to enhance college graduates’ and individual professional employability. To achieve this, we want to work closely with government and quasi-government entities in the region. Being part of the Dubai SME, iAccel GBI offers a mainland license, which opens a door to building a strong network with local entities that effectively cater to the needs of startups like us.”

He added, “iAccel GBI profoundly understands our market needs and will play a vital role in supporting us through all stages of our journey. They will be a strong pillar behind our UAE operation, helping us strengthen our business relationships and mentoring us with sustainable business approaches in the UAE region.”


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