in5 Announces Innovation Week Series of Talks and Workshops

in5 Announces Innovation Week Series of Talks and Workshops

in5, an integrated innovation platform launched by TECOM Group, has announced that it will be hosting a series of leadership talks and workshops during UAE Innovation Week 2016 in Dubai Knowledge Park. The planned activities will bring together some of the leading business leaders in the region to share their insights with industry professionals in the technology, education, healthcare and SME sectors.

The leadership talks will begin on November 20 with mobility-themed discussions such as 3D Mapping via Artificial Intelligence for a self-driving future. The next day will be dedicated to discussions around new innovations in education technology as well design thinking and investment in the education sector. Leading entrepreneurs in the sector will be also discussing the importance of education in building a knowledge-based economy as well as shaping talent skills for the future of the region.

As the week progress, the focus will shift towards SMEs, startups and innovations in the healthcare sector. In regards to SMEs and startups, invited entrepreneurs will be sharing their business journey successes as well as insights on sustainable entrepreneurship, growth strategies and social innovation. Healthcare will also be a hot topic for discussion during innovation week with a focus on telemedicine, block chain innovation and customer journey maps.

The week-long activities will conclude with the two day Visa Fin Tech Hackathon, which will bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all over Dubai to craft solutions for the future of digital payments.

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