Khedmah launches ‘Khedmah Pay’

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Oman Investment and Finance Company’s Khedmah announced the launch of its new platform ‘Khedmah Pay’ during its participation in COMEX 2023. Aimed at facilitating customer services with digital solutions for e-payments, the platform allows customers at shops to make instant and secure payments using QR codes linked to the Khedmah app. In addition, business owners can develop their own collection processes through the platform.

The launch of this service aims to assist sellers, traders, and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises in providing an advanced and easy-to-use platform for collecting sales amounts from customers through the Khedmah app, which is presently used by more than 800,000 subscribers. This service also provides the feature of receiving and tracking collection operations easily and securely in accordance with decision no. (386/2022) of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion regarding the provision of electronic payment services for consumers.

Said bin Ahmed Safrar, CEO of Oman Investment and Finance Company ‘Khedmah’, commented on the occasion of the service’s launch, saying, “As one of the Sultanate’s top collection companies for more than 40 years, Khedmah is keen on developing its customer services by implementing the best digital solutions that keep up with people’s changing needs and lifestyles. We anticipate that the ‘Khedmah Pay’ platform will persuade storeowners and other business owners to switch to more practical, cost-efficient, and secure solutions, which will benefit them in the long-term, particularly with the rising demand from customers for quick and simple payment options.”

To benefit from “khedmah pay” platform, merchants, sellers, and small to medium-sized enterprise owners can contact “khedmah” through its branches located throughout the Sultanate or the company’s call center to sign the agreement for providing this service, and provide the necessary data to prepare their QR code. This code will be prominently placed at the billing counter in the store. They can also receive other benefits to encourage the use of this service among the customers.

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