Logistics startup Supplai partners with AstroLabs to expand into KSA

Logistics startup Supplai partners with AstroLabs to expand into KSA

The logistics startup Supplai has partnered with AstroLabs to expand its operations into Saudi Arabia. The startup delivers best-in-class logistical efficiency by maximizing utility for one user and reducing costs for another. It is also contributing to reducing the carbon footprint across the logistics industry in the Kingdom in accordance with Vision 2030.

“supplai is more than just a logistics platform; it’s a catalyst for industry transformation. Our commitment to leveraging digital transformation and technology to unlock the full potential of every transporter’s cargo waste will set a revolutionary industry equilibrium, paving the way for a greener and more efficient future,” said Azmi Negro, CEO and founder of supplai.

“We’re excited to bring our innovative solutions to market and make a positive impact on Saudi Arabia’s logistics industry.”

As a key industry pillar of national economic prosperity, the logistics industry in Saudi Arabia has witnessed significant advancements in recent years as a result of growth catalysts such as continuous investments in logistics infrastructure, the introduction of special economic zones (SEZs), and the exponential rise of e-commerce. Currently, the Saudi logistics sector is projected to account for 10% of the country’s GDP by 2030, up from a current 6% by 2030, equating to around SAR 20.1 billion.

Commenting on supplai’s Saudi market expansion; Alex Nicholls, director of expansion at AstroLabs, said: “Supported by professional expertise and innovative technology, supplai will play a pivotal role in the formation of a strong, tech-enabled, integrated freight transport supply chain to drive economic growth and business competitiveness in the country. By expanding its profile and operations throughout the Kingdom, the logistics specialist is set to be part of transforming the country into a global logistics hub and leading industrial powerhouse in line with Vision 2030.”

As it gears up for launch in Q3 2024, the company is focused on forging new and strategic partnerships with key industry leaders to transform the country’s freight industry and propel it forward into the digital era. A prime example is its partnership with Nybl, another member of the AstroLabs expansion network, and AHOY, solidifying shared commitment to reshaping the future of the supply chain in Saudi Arabia.

supplai, along with its industry partners, is poised to leverage a full engine of innovation to accelerate the pace of digital transformation across the fast-moving sphere of freight logistics and shape a more sustainable, technologically advanced future for the Kingdom.


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