MxHub announces the launch of MX100

Metaverse News

MxHub, Dubai’s newest Innovation Center and Incubator has announced the launch of MX100, a multimedia metaverse event scheduled for December 20, 2022 next to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai UAE. The event is geared to deliver the latest in innovative startups from throughout the region amidst a backdrop of the latest metaverse-centric technologies.

“In our effort to bring the latest technological breakthroughs of the Metaverse to the UAE, we are planning this showcase event via a multimedia delivery that we believe is transforming the way events are produced, delivered and engaged with,” stated Edward Musinski, Executive Director of MxHub. “Our growing ecosystem drives both investor awareness and a showcasing medium for best of class opportunities through the sector that encompasses fintech, blockchain, healthtech & web3.”

Invited Investors include Andreeson Horowitz, Sequoia, TigerGlobal and SALD Investments.

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