New blockchain based startups TOKHIT and Welthee call on content creators and crypto investors


The future of content creation and financial freedom will be discussed and marked in an exclusive event, in Dubai, September 22st, at the initiative of TOKHIT, a unique global social network, based on blockchain and NFT, and Welthee, an investment platform with zero commissions and complex risk assessment, first launched in Switzerland.

The exclusive event marks the private sale success of TOKHIT and the premiere presentation of WEEINVEST, a Real Estate Investment Fund based on Welthee, the Future of Financial Freedom investment technology which aims at decentralizing real estate investments as we all know them.

“We are ready to unravel more information about TOKHIT, the social network that will give power to the content creators. This event in Dubai is our way of celebrating the massive interest showed regarding our project, having so many people around the world subscribed for an invitation to join the network “, said Andrei Ureche, initiator and founder of TOKHIT.

400 people will take part in the event at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and will have the privilege of being the first to enjoy the benefits of WEENVEST, the innovative platform. Among them, hundreds of influencers with millions of followers will join the event in September and share the news regarding the new content creation paradigm and the benefits of decentralized investments. In addition, more than 50 business angels and investors with an interest in blockchain, will get together for the first time to find out more about the new startups.

“We are at the beginning of a new financial era, and Welthee is leading this trend. The platform has been received in Europe with enthusiasm, and we are ready to launch it in Dubai where a significant business community awaits us. We aim to offer financial freedom and full control over the finances of all those who understand and want to enjoy the benefits of decentralized infrastructure”, said Cristian Voaideș, founder of Welthee and WEEINVEST.

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