Platinum University offer courses for digital entrepreneurship in the UAE

Platinum University offer courses for digital entrepreneurship in the UAE

Platinum University, a powerful and unique online platform offering unconventional, modern-day courses, has officially launched in the UAE. The digital institution focuses on helping individuals create financial freedom with skills they need to succeed in a changing world, and is built on a belief of enhancing the relationship between time and money.

With conventional education mainly preparing society for job securing, and not so much for the modern world, Platinum University is here to make sure all of that changes, teaching students the mindset of entrepreneurship within up-and-coming industries.

The online platform was born in the midst of COVID-19 last year courtesy to unprecedented growth in the world of e-commerce businesses and cryptocurrency alike, making it a perfect opportunity for the founders of Platinum University, Lewis Gillespie, James McWatt and Joe Axel Moore, to capitalize on the exponential shift, and begin building a powerful community.

Having previously become financially independent, the trio bonded over the common trait and joined forces to create an institution that can further educate and guide those seeking to enter the world of digital entrepreneurship, through impactful, modern-day courses, led by world-renowned mentors. Platinum University provides a strong foundation, teaching individuals specific topics that ensure financial and personal growth.

This digital platform is unlike any other, offering courses that simply cannot be found at other conventional educational institutions, within up-and-coming industries that are often excluded from course-offerings. The platform prepares students to increase finances online with courses in Airbnb Management, Crypto Trading, eBay Dropshipping, Stock Market Investing, Affiliate Marketing, and more.

Students will begin the course by immersing themselves in six proven streams of income, which will then lead to selecting a preferred topic to advance their skills in that particular area, and begin building their future. Having only launched last year, the platform has already received over 2700 students signed up to take the next step in their lives, with the amount of individuals turning into full-time business owners continuously increasing. 

Co-Founder, Lewis Gillespie comments on the launch “We are excited to expand Platinum University to teach students across the UAE. We believe that it is important for students in the UAE to have access to our courses as it will heavily benefit their future living in a rapidly growing country that is continuously on top of trends. The online courses we offer provide proven streams of income, perfect for busy individuals living across the UAE.” With the simple click of a button, students are provided with all the information they could ask for to gear up for a successful future. The platform doesn’t just stop at its courses, it also offers a strong community where individuals can surround themselves with like-minded individuals and a strong support system.

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