Shorooq Partners leads $5mln investment in Roamless

Shorooq Partners leads $5mln investment in Roamless

Shorooq Partners, a leading investment firm in the Middle East and North Africa, led the $5 million Seed round for Roamless, which also saw participation from Revo Capital, Paribu Ventures, Finberg, and Deba Ventures. This marks Shorooq Partners’ first venture into Türkiye’s tech ecosystem, highlighting their dedication to supporting innovative ventures in various markets.

Roamless, known for its eSIM technology and pay-as-you-go model, is focused on enhancing travel connectivity. Since its public beta launch in October 2023, Roamless has gained nearly 100,000 users by offering uninterrupted internet and international calling in 150 countries. Unlike traditional eSIM solutions with expiring plans and high roaming charges, Roamless provides travelers with greater flexibility and accessibility.

Mahmoud Adi, founding partner of Shorooq Partners, emphasized the strategic importance of this investment, stating, “Roamless’s innovative approach to connectivity aligns with our vision of fostering ventures that redefine traditional models. This investment reflects our confidence in Roamless’s potential and our commitment to nurturing Türkiye’s burgeoning tech ecosystem.”

Emre Demirel, co-founder and CEO of Roamless, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “We are grateful for the support of Shorooq Partners and our other investors. This investment will help us accelerate our mission of leading a digital transformation in the telecom industry, providing seamless connectivity for travelers worldwide.”

Roamless has received widespread recognition for its innovative approach to travel connectivity. The diverse group of investors highlights Roamless’s potential to serve a global audience and shape the future of travel technology.

Cenk Bayrakdar, founding partner and managing director of Revo Capital, noted the rapid growth potential of eSIM technology, driven by increasing customer awareness. “We trust in the high motivation and expertise of the Roamless founding team in telecommunications and software and are excited to support their growth journey,” he said.

Utku Dorduncu, director at Paribu Ventures, added, “Roamless’s strong founding team, advanced infrastructure, and highly differentiated eSIM product make it an excellent fit for our investment strategy.”

This investment underscores Shorooq Partners’ dedication to fostering innovation across diverse markets. With expertise in fintech, platforms, software, gaming, and Web 3.0, Shorooq Partners continues to support visionary startups, propelling them toward success.


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