Startup Idea: Game of Thrones spoilers sent anonymously to enemies

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Streaming platforms such as Netfix may liberate viewers from the constraints of the TV schedule but there is one huge hazard created by this shift in viewing habits: the spoiler. Now, is a platform that makes the most of the spoiler as a currency, by offering to send Game of Thrones plot lines to subscribers’ friends — or enemies — for a small fee.

To use the service, cruel friends can pay USD 0.99 and enter the phone number of the person they want to annoy. Then, after each show, the platform will send them an anonymous text message with the biggest twists from that episode.

The service was inspired by a plot line in the current season of Game of Thrones, involving a character called the man with no name, but Spoiled is currently taking votes of which TV show it should expand to next. Could spoilers be used as a motivator elsewhere? For example, as a punishment to those who text while they drive or spend over their budget?


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